What Brix Is And How It Effects Your Cannabis Garden And How To Use It

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  1. I'm a bit surprised you managed to do a whole show about brix with out actually mentioning any numbers. So I guess I'll start, last season my dry farmed cannabis plants average brix during vegitative growth was 12-13.

  2. If you want to learn more opinions about feeding with raw nutrients, then please listen to everything Bryant appears in on FCP. He has feet firmly planted in both the mainstream and cannabis sides of horticulture. He has read more than a thousand cannabis soil reports and many many more if you include his entire horticulture expertise. The problem with nutrients in feeding with specificity. In soil it is all about quantifying nutrient availability over-time of each amendment. In soil-less it is all about quantifying nutrient availability as they fall into solution. In both soil and soil-less, you can go even further by quantifying the nutrients that make it into the plant. In mainstream horticulture, farmers or their consultants feed using raw nutrients. There is a group of experts learning to do this for growing cannabis. This is not for everyone and will certainly not replace the need for manufacturers to deliver nutrients in solution with cation/anion synergies and antagonisms already calculated. Can I request that you speak about each nutrient as much as possible so that we can learn by repetition from you? For example, could you analyze either physical symptoms or soil tests and give quantified prescriptions for each nutrient with discussion of the pathways in play. The future for everyone is foliar feeding raw nutrients on top of your manufactured nutrient program. Even if you are organic, you can get everything in sulfate form or some dry ammendment OMRI certified. See Bryant and Mathew talk at the 2hr10min hour mark.

  3. Healthy plants fight off pests with their sugar content, you go guru… in nature you need apex predators to keep the herd healthy over time, cuss they pick of the weak and stupid animals .. good for the deer .. humans have 37,5 C temp cuss fungus die about 35 -36 C and ph wise your blood is oksygenated and 7 + ph to repell bacteria… death is on your skin all the time, health comes from the inside, and feed your backteria microbiome , and add diversety to stay healthy… add some dirt to your diet and stop the sickness.. bee healthy happy and peacfull friends

  4. Good to have you back!

    Brix is a new term to me… you learn something new every day! I always break a fan leaf and suck the back end to test for this. If its bitter or sour you know the plant is "full." Thats a way of testing! Works on other plants too obviously.
    And yeah, the healthier the plants the less you need to spray neem oil.
    On a side note, if it stinks or smells rotten you should switch things up.

    If the soil gets healthy enough, springtails will begin farming mychorrizae and it will visibly spread throughout the soil. Its orange or yellow in color. My perlite is all stained yellow cause there is so much mychorrizae and springtail guano.

    Eventually don't even feed the plants, feed the springtails and mychorrizae, and they in turn care for the plant. They eat dead roots and detritus too. And spiders.

    Organic raspberries occasionally show up in my local grocery store. They make me sweat cause there are so many terpines. I'd definitely pay more for Organic.

    I made this cross strain called Haskell Gold (citrique x insane in the membrane which i think is native Kansas weed the cia protected for me). If you ever see it, just know I might have originally collected half its genome from the wilds of Kansas.

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