1. Wow another boomer talking about fundamentals and valuations instead of just yoloing money into whatever a meme tells him to. And telling people to sell and take profits? What a paperhands 🌈🐻

  2. Be careful. This guy is applying the typical strategy of "pump and dump". He trusted to get you to get excited about some dope stock that he has in order to drive the price up, then he sells and gets out with a nice profit, which starts a price drop, leaving you with word 'sucker' tattooed on your forehead and broke.

  3. Stocks are a pyramid scheme for insiders benefit. You never own part of a company, you own a piece of paper that is only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for it. You could be the last one sucked in and left holding the bag and lose big time when it drops like a rock.

  4. Hi Andrei, I recently discovered your videos and really love the way you present info and the humor. I was wondering how do you earn interest in Gemini without the worry of losing your crypto. I signed up for Gemini through your link and after reading the disclaimers where it says you would lose your entire crypto I change my mind. Can you help me how you do it without the fear of losing your investment please. TIA!

  5. WTF DUDE?! You are like the Martin Scorsese of YouTube content. I hate your guts bc you ruin my enjoyment in youtube – all the other great content I get to watch… looks like really great … garbage ..

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