Weed Legalization Bills ADVANCE in 4 States, THIS WEEK…

Weed Legalization Bills ADVANCE in 4 States, THIS WEEK… *FULL EPISODE* Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: LMC CLIPS of this Full Episode: …


  1. 100 % agree!! Especially with drugs being an addiction issue NOT a Criminal Issue. Having Cannabis Scheduled in the same class as heroin and meth is insane!!!! The “Flower” needs to be taken off the scheduling system and treated like alcohol, even though alcohol is so much worse for you. For the small groups of Republicans trying to fight this follow the money. See if their bank accounts don’t lead to big pharma.

  2. Literally packing my stuff and moving to Vegas next month. I've had enough of NJ. Already making my plans. 35 years… I can't wait any longer. The arthritis in my back is literally gonna kill me from the damn pain. They think pills are the answer to everything. All of our licensed state doctors are corrupt. The medical program is on freeze basically, and there's not enough pot for the patients alone, let alone any recreational. $500 for the oz….. there is no damn way to survive living in this state…which is why everyone is leaving the Northeast. Between the high ass rent, ridiculous taxes, the ridiculous Marijuana laws, and the idiotic democratic governors between NJ & NY…. they have lost everyones money and people can't afford it any longer. I can't do it anymore personally. I feel so sorry for the people of NJ. There is no hope here. At all!! People need to start moving and stop wasting time standing in place waiting for something that is never gonna happen, even though we voted for it. Murphy is holding the state hostage as he has for the last 3 years, and using it to his advantage for his next election. He did this during his first election cycle. Promised something that 3 years later we are still waiting for him to put into action. Unreal!! It's never gonna happen…impeach him and get him the hell out before he can run again and the brain dead people of NJ vote more blue clowns in. When Republicans in the state are more willing to hurry the legalization process than democrats… you know they are up to something really corrupt. Get out while you still can people. Don't wait for another state lockdown. At this point i rather deal with the black market. Because the government is full of sh!t!

  3. Thank you for covering Wisconsin ? were hanging by our toes over here ? but it’s looking really good for us, the republicans in Wisconsin just don’t understand they said “it’s not in Wisconsin’s best interest” even tho most the money of the estimated profit would go to our community and our schools. It would help with racial injustice witch is a clear problem in Wisconsin since forever.

  4. New Jersey is such a joke I can’t live here anymore our media cal bud was hard to get but they gettin back on track a bit, and the price is crazy, $460-500 an oz and no insurance covers it

  5. When a government claims authority over a plant (yes… A PLANT!) and pretends they are "legalizing" it for the benefit of its citizens – just know that it isn't "legal", it is regulated…Regulated by the same greasy suits that claimed the "war on drugs", the same greasy suits that lied about its medicinal benefits, the same greasy suits that lied about its affects, the same greasy suits that endorsed the propaganda film "Reefer Madness" and had the media to support their lies. Cannabis is an herb that houses many benefits to humans and animals. We were lied to and they will not explain why…? Open eyes know the answer as to why they lied. Not hard to figure it out. Because knowledge (real knowledge) is easily accessed now, the government is regulating a plant to benefit them and pharma and pretend that they are doing this for the people… They did a good job indoctrinating the people back in the day, there is still a stigma, but those that seek the truth can easily access it and realize who the real enemy was and still is. You as a person will not be able to use the "Legal" plant or any part of the "Legal" plant unless it lies within the government's regulations…?

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