We Need to Talk about MLM Food Shaming, Political Determinants of Health, & More | #AntiMLM

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  1. Beachbody is toxic. And AC has become the queen of it all. I can only imagine how many BB clients have developed or exacerbated eating disorders and body image issues over the past few years.
    And you're absolutely right; anyone who doesn't understand the socio-political issues around food and health has NO business giving health advice.

  2. This video is so relevant! Thank you so much for making it! I need to educate myself more on political determinants of health! We focus a lot in the social determinants in early childhood education, but political determinants brings such a more multidimensional and well rounded understanding!

  3. Great video! I'm in the psychology field and I know a lot about the social determinants of health, but this was the first time I heard about the political determinants. Really fascinating and important, thanks for covering this! As for that Beachbody video, yikes… not only is McDonald's very affordable, but if you've got picky kids, they might not like her weird breakfast sandwich! I don't like the food shaming at all. Nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while.

  4. The food shaming by Autumn is atrocious. The food deserts is reality and so prevalent in major cities as well as low populated areas (i.e. towns in the middle of nowhere along a highway that has gas stations and fast food as main stopping point for truck drivers, etc). When people don't have readily available transportation, and rely on public transport or walking, they can't get to a legit grocery stores for healthier foods all the time. Plus the cost of "healthy foods" these days is inflated.
    It boggles my mind that targeting people who can barely afford the cost of living, nutrient-dense groceries, transportation, healthcare, etc are being shamed into buying over-priced "health" products, exercise plans, and supplements for a multi-million/billion $ coorporation. If people truly believe in helping others live a healthier life, they don't need over-priced products and the pressure to recruit to save more money on said product to get healthier. There are free options. There are political advocacy options for those at-risk communities that need to be worked on. ((I plan on doing a video about this topic as well.))
    Also (watching as I comment lol) I joined Beachbody at a low with my autoimmune complication. Rarely is it joined at a 'high' unless the person is literally privileged and money spent isn't a worry.

  5. That video you shared in the beginning is heartbreakingly raw and real. I see so much of that in healthcare and in my clinic, even what chemo options chosen by the pt based on social determinants.

  6. I love all your videos and they’re so informative! I have a neighbor who just asked me for the THIRD time to join Arbonne. I’ve declined every single time. Can’t help but feel extremely frustrated with her because like, why can’t we just be friends without looking at me like a $$ sign?? Does she think I’m fat? She also believes arbonne isn’t a diet and it’s a “lifestyle”. Lawwwwd help me lol.

  7. This one was FILLED with some tough subjects. Need to stare out a window and blast sad jams now ? great insight as always! You are so well researched and educate on the topics you choose.

  8. You mentioned "Feed the Children". I would look into that charity's scandals before donating, same with Autism Speaks. The unfortunate thing is that charity corruption is pretty rampant. I know you might have just given examples; but this is also important. There's a source called "Charity Navigator" if you need help choosing where to donate.

  9. What a great video with so much information Kat. Loved it! So true that health is so much more then food and exercise. Loved that video with the story of “Jessica”, I was her at some point in my life but I am in a very good place now and I am so grateful for everything that I have. Thanks so much for bringing so much awareness and such good information. ?. Ps thanks for following me on IG, i felt that a celebrity was following me ??

  10. This was so on point. Especially the ways that structural issues make it almost impossible for many people to access health. And the food shaming from the BB person was definitely tone deaf. Absolutely. You’re not being too sensitive, you’re being spot on, as usual. Love this channel.

  11. Just stumbled across your channel yesterday and I’m loving your content. Crazy, but I was just having a conversation last night about Autumn’s food shaming and how it’s problematic for people who live in food deserts etc etc. So when I saw this one posted today I ran for the play button! Lol. Excuse me while I continue watching while it anger grows. Lol. Thank you for your content!!!

  12. Thanks for the shoutout girl!! I am so tired of Autumn and her food shaming tactics, and i was really happy to see so many other people calling her out in the comments of that reel because it was sooo problematic!!! She literally said on her tiktok she just threw the sausage biscuit in the trash after filming. I just cant with her!!!

    also my cousin is currently in Pruvit and her upline pushes her to post stuff like this distributor all the time. it really makes me sad.

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