Watering Marijuana Plants in Flower and Veg – Pacific Ocean Visit

We take a spin on the Pacific and water our ladies in veg and flower. A very special thanks to our sponsor for seed giveaways and seed gifter THE BROWZER …


  1. If you stress an auto out at all it will be stunted, especially early in its life. They have a finite amount of time to live, so you have to try and squeeze in the best for them. Luckily for you, you have plenty of other gorgeous ladies and also… THE MOVES

    I have a buddy who uses Bud Candy, and I swear all his cannabis looks, smells, and tastes the same.

  2. Really like your philosophical comment about improving and I totally agree. Thanks for taking the time to share those kinds of things with the community . BTW Julie and I are going to try the cookies tomorrow and try some of our grandaddy purple plant for the 1st time that, as you know ,we named after you lol. Its going to be an amazing day! We are also putting some young plants into 10g pots .
    Cheers Dr. B

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