1. IF I owned ReCharge, I'd go find a prominent cannabis smoker and give them equity to be the spokesperson. You might have to give up something, but you will gain like never before. I take it ReCharge or the company is or was created to be sold to someone someday anyway. Might as well pull the trigger now before the economy takes a downturn and people decide they "don't need all this stuff" etc. Start with 5%. Find your Micheal Jordan like Nike did. Goldmine.

  2. I love you guys, I totally used to live next to hippies in El Centro with my step dad and mom and brother..their dog would come and pee on our stoop and yellow sorrell would grow right there..and clean the pee smell..and every time he peed..omg..we wouldn't care..we'd totally chew the shit out of those stems

  3. Now you see the whole public neighbourhood display of bongs dude was speaking on….now if you were a dodgy god damned low life seeing that would Jerry g o u on to the possibility that that person or house is growing.Making this plant illegal and the whole war on drugs and fools believing bullshit about it has given us legit growers many a plethora of you will of problems associated with criminals and dodgy people.My summary: god damn government LEGALISE IT ALLREADY YOU PACK OF FOOLS.

  4. On the DWI check points down street from bar. They save lives. If people want to drive DWI, then they deserve the check point. If it saves my daughter's life from a DWI driver, OK w/ me.

  5. I had fam visit my state of IL and they went to the dispensary and paid over $80 for 7 grams of shake. not even good shake but stuff that looked like they dry sifted first. Greed can really screw over progressive change for cannabis in some states…

  6. BOYZ .kevin smith aka silent bob ..grow tent .would be a awsome cameo celeb appearance for the show community supporter and cannabis lover .also cltv..shit call tommy chong why not

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