Wake & Bake America 1157: The Benefits Of Hemp Oil, Music & Plants, & Turbocharged Photosynthesis

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  1. Dude, how stoned are you. What food does at room temperature and what it does after it is broken down with your stomach acids are two different things. That like saying Apples are crunchy so when I eat an orange it stays all crunchy in my blood stream. Yeah, it doesn't make sense.

  2. He just got done telling you fats are not the issue. Then you comment on how hemp oil has the least saturated fat. (shakes head) Transfat is different, that is chemically altered fat.

  3. You first guru…….We should Be fruitful and multiply, but learn and practice regenerative agriculture. Dont feed the world, feed yourself first. Best growers have to spread the message, grow food too

  4. I love the content and the maturity in which the information is presented. It's a good spread of ages and knowledge levels on the panel. The show flows without getting off track or stuck. Well done ?!

  5. Cymatics is the big thing with music that effects plants alot of people think cymatics is water changing from frequencies but really its the salt that changes if u try the experiment with distilled water it won't work u have to have salts in the water for the geometric shapes to form

  6. I am here to increase my knowledge of growing all things cannabis, right now due to winter I have a huge RH problem… I have put river stone in my overflow pans and poured water just below my pots, I have 3 humidifiers in my 4×4, I have sprayed them with foliar sprays and water still my RH stays between 45% and 53% temps are in the 78 degrees and 84 degrees plus a 5 gal bucket of water, and a 6Qrt pan of water on a burner that steams all day and night and still my RH can drop to the low 30's frustrating yikes

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