Wake & Bake America 1151: What Makes Good CBD & How Cannabis Effects Your Memory

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  1. Be very cautious on what Cbd product you take especially if you have random piss tests at work! Commercially sold Cbd is not tested for Thc and will show up on piss test. Even if you go to a trusted health supplement store they may tell you it doesn’t have any but before you know it you are getting pulled out of work with 30days no pay upon investigation. Let’s just say you get “railroaded”.

  2. Hell guys I'm 50 almost and Definitely enjoy smoking as much as I can smoke every day especially even more often now than ever just because of it being legal now 🙃hell if I new how much delivering pizza is the bomb for getting paid and smoking up all night hell last night was my first time doing this and I truly enjoyed it 🙌😍👌😊

  3. Who was the 1 person who gave this a 👎? What a p.o.s. This show is like my therapy. I listen to it while i clean, & just chill n watch everyday. How can somebody 👎 this? This show is so good.

  4. It sucks here in New Jersey, we voted for legalization and the politicians are dragging their feet to even pass anything not even decriminalization yet Governor Murphy won't sign anything yet, but in the meantime almost 3,000 people have been arrested since vote passed. I guess they still need more time to get all they're back door deals set up first. It's all about the money, they don't care about the people who need this plant for medical reasons… No homegrown, $110 quarters, two hour lines, I could go on but…

    Stay safe everyone!


  5. Bingeing on DGC my head is flashing overload… too much knowledge and expertise is storming my citadel erasing years of ignorance and placing me in a hallowed palace of enlightened grace. I stand blurry-eyed at the benevolence of Dgc and its Ship-mates.

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