Wake & Bake America 1150: All About Composting, Worm Bins & Educating Your Kids About Cannabis

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  1. UR SMOKED OUT, CONCENTRATES IN A BLUNT TASTES WAY MORE POTENT!! You also do not decarboxylate when you vape…… not to mention extremely more efficient considering you can put a dabs worth of concentrate on a bowl of weed in a pipe and get 10 people stoned off that but you can never do that with just the weed and the same amount of concentrate on their own

  2. I've had a great worm bin n Texas for over ten years. I feed all of my vegetable food scraps to them and sometimes dry leaves and do nothing more. The bin has been good through 110 degree heat and 20 degree cold. Worm eggs don't freeze even when the worms do.

  3. Hey dude! the claw machine was a fun idea. I give em credit for actually doing it. Most of us stoners talk shit when were baked and it never happens.
    Lastnight I thought of an awesome new segment for the show but, I can't remember what it was ?

  4. Stop being tobacco snobs ?…I add baccy to my joints and still have more weed than most people who smoke pure ?‍♂️. Don't hate on personal preference…because personally I find pure joints taste like shit ✌

  5. No 1: Don't Only Hope On Government's Responds On security Matter's And Economy growth,

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  6. As soon as I started using recharge I started to have magnesium deficiency that I cannot fix. The gorilla glue took it well but the critical+ and critical mass immediately became deficient.

  7. As a suggestion for edibles, coconut infused oil and make em highly concentrated and 1-6 gummie bears will do perfect for a 2-6 hour effect. So vs calories like example of brownies and many. Too much caffeine or calories . 2 oz bud can do 14 oz;s of coconut oil and make u a few hundred gummies . Use the small buds (key is to separate it while trimming so no stems when removing the small buds ) or kief for reduction of chlorophyll % and more concentrated

  8. Combustion and blosion are not the Same. Combustion is what happens in an explosion with Fuel under Pressure and ignited, in a cylinder wall. LOL. i don't think Burning THC with combustion has been done. Maybe You guys could think of a way it can be done. Put some weed in a firecracker and Blow it up under combustion, Probably not gonna get you High.

  9. Thank god you're still dropping vids!
    Keep growing while you grow everyone! Awesome to see you even rehashing previously dropped knowledge, stuff people get comfortable and forget about or maybe glossed over initially!

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  11. That Achilles heel reference was a bit too real for me. Recovering from Achilles surgery at the moment. Happy to see you guys back on YouTube, cant wait to binge watch all these episodes.

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