1. I have ADHD. Diagnosed at 10. I HATE rx meds for ADHD. They’re horrible.
    I live in Illinois and it became legal about a year ago and now I can’t imagine my life without it. It makes me feel “normal”. Does not really make me feel “high” unless it’s a high dose of edibles. It does not make me sleepy. I get just as much done, if not more, when on it.
    I always wonder if ADHD prevents me from feeling “high”. I can outsmoke everyone I know. I can smoke 15 joints in a day and still be completely functional and no one would ever know I was high. It just slows my mind down and makes me feel like what I imagine non-ADHD people normally feel like.

  2. Anybody knows the best strain of cannibals or hemp that'll treat ADHD? I was prescribed Vyvanse (50mg) and Gabapentin (300mg) last year, I'm 22 years old and it got to the point that I took 210 pills within the span of five days, 180 of the gabapentins and 30 of all the vyvanse. I've literally been on psychiatric medication my entire life and have taken Latuda, Zyprexa, Celexa, Zoloft, Abilify, Prozac, Straterra, Wellbutrin, Seroquel, Buspar, Trazadone, the list goes on. I've been doing more research for the sake of my recovery, I desire to return to college this year but am trying to get myself together at best. Like this is crazy what I'm experiencing but sometimes I feel that the online community is of more value and credibility than most of these so called doctors out here where I stay, I don't mean to put my entire story here or continue with these run on sentences and bad grammar, but any advice? I take tons of nootropics as well, and I'll begin injecting peptides, but as far as a good thc/cbd (or other cannabinoid/polyphenol/terpine) ratio, perhaps the best strain for neurogenesis/neuroplasticity? Any advice is appreciated, sorry this comment is so damn long.

  3. Fuck drugs. This shit is an all natural, environmentally beneficial, AND mentally beneficial option with way less side effects!!

    Also take note that you can modify the genetics in the plant for different benefits.

  4. I’m a 16yr old in high school with pretty tt severe adhd i also suffer from insomnia I enjoy weed I truly think it’s helps with my symptoms of adhd and it dosnt give me the terrible and miserable side affects I’ve gotten from Ritalin,adderal, and vayvanse all 3 made me feel like a an actual pile of shit I swear, unfortunately my family didn’t know I smoke and I want to be open and talk to my mother about it, but Ik how she is and she won’t be open to it even though ever sense I was 6 I’ve been off and on diffrent doses and diffrent meds for adhd and they are the worst ?

  5. Imma be honest weed helps me with my adhd because everything is alot more exciting so its alot easier to focus on something that isnt that exciting while “sober”

  6. So I've got ADHD I've had it since around 5yrs old I'm now 32 I've tried weed a few times in the past and I'm pro weed I love the smell grinding it rolling it love it but alot of the time I freak out because I get too high ai get mad heart palpitations and can't seem to control my breathing what am I doing wrong I also suffer from PTSD

  7. I have Tourette’s Syndrome. School K-12 was tough. Began using cannabis at age 18 and life got better. I never used it before or during work, but helped in the evening and staved off most of my impulse actions through the next day. Started drinking coffee at 21 working long and stressful technology related retail hours. Became addicted to caffeine. 7 years later was drinking a venti drip coffee with three shots of espresso three times a day to feel & think normal. Fast forward to passing the age of 40 and the wife convinced me I may have ADHD. Turns out I did… and I learned roughly 80% of those with Tourette’s have ADHD. Using cannabis responsibly in the evenings helps me slow down, sleep and cure the muscle tension amphetamines cause.

    I’m a believer in CBD and medical use cannabis. I’d love to hear from others who have Tourette’s of you have similar or different results.

    P.s. – the two different strains of medical cannabis make a huge difference!!!

    Sativa for daytime or creative/up lifting use.

    Indica for sleeping/severe body pain & ailments. Indica is NOT good for day use. Remember it by thinking “IN-DA-Couch” … the classic “stoner” stereotype association.

    I also agree with other comments – medical cannabis use means responsible use. You use too much, you get “high”. Exactly the same as taking too high a dose of ADHD medication, except you can have a heart attack from amphetamine salt overdose… you can’t die from marijuana use, but you can sure feel silly, tired, or have the mad munchies if you abuse it!

    Stick with the rule for everything in life – ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.


  8. I have ADHD. I used Ritilan on and off for the longest time and it never worked. I don’t have marijuana medically, but I sometimes use it recreationally. And I am so much more focused and less stressed. It helps me so much more than pills— which I will never take again.

  9. Also, keep in mind be responsible when consuming marijuana, do not use it for recreational purposes, use it as medicine. If you over consume cannabis, it can actually do more harm than good, so keep that in mind.
    I have ADHD like symptoms for years and people with ADHD usually have addictive tendencies since you feel like you always need stimulate your mind with something whether is bad food , alcohol or even other drugs to get by. Smoke/consume safe ❤

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  11. im 16, i have been prescribed adderall xr 10mg and for me thats to much, i have bad side affects like not eating or sleeping, having bad migraines and im tired of it my doctor is against the use of cannabis but it has helped me for 3 years in the past

  12. ADHD is a NEUROLOGICAL disorder resulting in the reduced production of dopamine.
    THC is a natural, safe, and accessible treatment to supplement the reduced dopamine without using deadly and addictive amphetamines that are currently prescribed for ADHD.

  13. Found out I had adhd from smoking pot. Tried doing math hw stoned to the gills one night, and finished an assignment that normally would have taken me hours in about 30 minutes. Kept smoking every day after that. Went from being on academic probation to finally graduating last semester with a degree in computer science. Tried stimulants twice, and had terrible side effects, and I don't think they did as well of a job treating my symptoms.

  14. I personally suffer from severe ADHD ignored untreated. I had no idea until 8 years ago i have ADHD. I thought the rest of the world didnt want to have as much fun as me. I was treated like a lab rat. And because im a very happy person i was put on a mood stabilizer. I didn't like the effects of the adderal. I smoke indica im able to balance out and calm down and focus. I know how much i need and i make it last. Honestly its the best medicine. It helps my friends with depression anxiety stress pain honestly its amazing

  15. I think that a plant that can be used to help someone FULLY grown, should be used. And should be taken in a healthy fashion. Smoking marijuana ashes is unhealthy for the lung system as it contains copious amounts of plant matter and tar.

  16. There's now no such thing as ADD. It is all called ADHD because the Hyper/Hypo activity is in the brain and SOMETIMES also manifests itself physically.

    This is not an opinion. This is a FACT which my psychologist at Comprehensive Med Psych Systems told me.

  17. Got diagnosed with adhd and add when i was 7 and cannabis is the first medication ive ever used that doesnt numb all my senses, but instead calms and slows my mind so I can think straight and be happy

  18. So true. I was diagnosed with adhd when I was in 4th grade. And I've been on aderall ever since. I never really smoked weed when I was younger. It made me feel too weird. But when I was 18 I decided I wanted to try it again. After hearing about the medical effects. Since I started I did drop out of college but that's not why. Don't need to get into that. But since I started smoking I'm more productive in the late afternoon when my aderall wears off. I just hit a dab or smoke what ever and then I'm working on something. Just like I would if I took my aderall. I'm 20 now and my dad just doesn't understand. Still acting like he hates the stuff. I wish he'd understand what it does for me. He thinks I'm just getting high but doesn't realize that it literally affects me completely differently then it affects other people.

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