TSP: Cannabis Legalization

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Perspectives: Cannabis Legalization with Darren Deicide and Ethel Lynn Oxide. Cannabis legalization is a growing trend …


  1. I myself can say that Medical Cannabis has worked for me in various ways in the past as well as CBD Oils.. I do not consider myself to be a "pothead" I didn't use it "to get high" and it has helped me through my cancer issues using Medical Cannabis, NO ONE will understand that unless they themselves go through it.
    I now use CBD oil on a daily basis to ease my anxiety, IT WORKS for me because the meds I was on for a short time did not do ANYTHING for me BUT give me more anxiety. It makes me feel good, and if I am feeling good, feeling some relief ~~guess what? I'm going to do it!! 🙂

  2. Another excellent podcast. I too call it 'The Gange". ?

    I found this very informative. I am a participant in the Medical Marijuana Program of my state and I can attest to it's working and working well.

    Moreover, marijuana has way more to offer the world besides medical and recreational. It can be used in building materials, paper, in food (I predict that it will become the new MSG without the negative side effects), infused in wine and beer and much more.

  3. Does the church of Satan have an official facebook group to discuss things? Because the one that they let random people run is literally the most unsatanic thing ive come across that pretends to be. If you ask a question that requires ANY thought, you get kicked for having motives. Yeah, Thats WHY I am a satanist, to learn. But if you ask the wrong question you are out. And these people call themselves Satanists? I only joined because some of the more prominent church members are there, and I value their experience, but it is a giant echo chamber devoid of any brain activity. Its becoming like the Satanic Temple. Political correctness takes value over knowledge and understanding.

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