Trying out some Cbd products from the homies Chill Otter Cbd !!!!

Hello fam I hope y’all like this video, if u guys happen to live in a ilegal state this is one of most reliable things to get, safe and legal so if I guys liked it pls go …


  1. I'm soooo jealous of u because weed is illegal in my country
    , we need to buy it from illegal dealers and it is all pressed, full of mold , dirt, remains of bugs and every kind of dirty shit u can imagine

  2. Hey bro' happy carniweekall … And please on the instagram at Page for name " Francesco Testa " I have my art in opera at evidence etc … I love if You watch etc…. My new post and for Next days i must order my big carnival opera !

  3. I tried a regular kind of Classic-ol cbd at the store A 3.5 for 16 bucks!! Cant go wrong but yeah I didnt likeee it maybe the quality u get helps .Mine was bsd and smelled badd!!! I think i was better if wit resign fam tbh!.. But nice video killah ?????????

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