Trying CBD oil while tapering ativan

I’m trying a Terpenes cbd oil while i slowly taper off ativan. I’m on day 4 of the taper and i’m not really feeling any different one way or the other, but i’ll keep …


  1. Hey everyone, got off benzos myself (ativan), things a living nightmare, medicines hit everyone different but I would caution people taking cbd oil while taking the benzo because cbd can amplify the effects of the pill and could possibly have an adverse effect when mixing. Not for everyone, but some, happened to me. I'd recommend trying cbd after you've completed the taper and completely flushed out the drugs from your system. Once the taper is done, I feel, at least in my experience cbd is good for the after effects of benzo withdrawal. Remember everyone, panic attacks don't kill us, it's mainly in our head (except when you're going through withdrawal, that's a cause for concern). Therapy, meditation, diet and exercise are the best remedies including things like cbd and vitamin supplements that help produce GABA.

  2. Thank you for the information and sharing your experience Poet!! I am also thinking about trying CBD. I like the idea of replacing my Guanfacine with CBD, my only concern is the price, the insurance doesn't cover it and it would just be another expense, and I can barely manage my monthly SSDI check as it is. Also I'm wondering if it's really gonna be as effective as the Guanfacine?

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