Top Cannabis Companies to BUY and HOLD in 2021! Why US MSOs Promise More Upside than Canadian LPs

Timecodes 00:00 – Intro 2:08 – Review Upcoming 2021 Catalysts 5:30 – Canada’s 2020 Sales Figures & Review 11:30 – US States Sales Figures & Review 15:45 …


  1. I was diving into the MSO spreadsheet at the end and noticed several companies all had the same number of locations in each state. Florida all with 35 each (with the exception of Truelieve @74), Ill at 10, MD at 3, NJ at 3, and NY at 4 each for each MSO. Is this regulation by the state limiting each MSO? Are States going to be issuing new licenses ala Ontario? Seem like this is going to be the biggest limit on growth in each state, and which states relaxes the limits faster for the states that have just legalized…

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