Top 5 HIGH-GROWTH Canadian ETFs for 2021 – Stock Market Investing

In today’s video, we’ll be covering 5 high-growth Canadian exchange-traded funds to add to your portfolio in 2021. These ETFs each target a facet of the stock …


  1. Hi Griffin
    Excellent Video as always. Thank you for very informative content.
    I have a question regarding foreign taxes on US company etfs dividends or when you decide to sell them ? Even though they are traded at TSX.

  2. With the US and CDN governments increasing their money supplies by 40% in the past 12 months, the Buffet Indicator clearly showing that the market is overvalued in the face of an asset bubble, there is no better time to go long on ETFs!!!! Great advice Griffin!

  3. Hello Griffin! thanks for your video. could you pls do a video about good Penny Stocks to buy? ??? that will be much appreciated! thank you!

  4. Hi Griffin is growth stock play better than a dividend stock? I am 33 and looking for slightly aggressive plays, I have a couple of real estate properties but want to diversify my money, been watching alot of your videos lately and love them, thank you for doing these!

  5. Hey griffin your videos are great as always. You explained it very well. You really helped me a lot about investing in the stock market. Since you were talking about ETFs, can I request that can you please make a video on how the MER is charged ? Cause I don’t know how it works. Thank you so so and I appreciate if you see my comment. Thank you! And stay safe ?

  6. What are your thoughts on XEI? Ive had it in my portfolio for the past year now and have seen some really nice profits and dividend payments through it

  7. Great video! Would it be fair to say that an all equity etf like XEQT or VEQT would have similar if not more growth potential but with more risk? Curious on your thoughts! Thanks

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