Tommy Chong "Medicine for the Brain" ThcTv

Counter-culture icon, comedian Tommy Chong, talks about his life long relationship with marijuana as “Medicine for the Brain”. Recorded January 16, 2015 at …


  1. Medicine for the brain my ass.
    It causes me terrible anxiety.
    I used to smoke when I was younger and loved it, then one day I couldn't handle it anymore. God told me no more of you will feel like hell is beneath you.

  2. I have to say, i'm the most sober of all cannabis users. As a teen i was irresponsible and smoked a lot, and since its still illegal in Ireland, you never know all the chemicals that were used to grow it, and i definitely got some dodgy strains and it messed with my head and heart, but most of the time it was fine. In my 20s i only smoked it when a friend had some. Last year i smoked it twice first around this time last year and the second time was christmas and it really made the whole covid shit and the holidays much better and more enjoyable, but only because i do it in moderation, nothing is ever as fun if you overindulge, so will power at least for me makes it way better. Anyway, i have been constantly getting up during the night to pee, at least 3 times, sometimes 5 times a night. Along comes christmas eve and i took out this 50 bag that i bought about two years ago, that''ll tell you how much i use it now, so i popped a little pinch in my pipe and had the best night ever and many of them and that night i slept like a baby –didn't get up to pee once. Also i'm an artist and i have so many ideas for my art when i'm high that its kind of annoying, i'm constantly jotting things down. So for me its all about moderation, there are times in life when you should be sober and in fact a lot of people use psychedelics to enhance their sober states of mind, because i actually really enjoy being sober as well as being high.

  3. I’m 24 and live in the UK and have multiple genetic disorders that leave me in constant pain and have to suffer through at least four dislocated joint pretty much everyday, I also have autism, PTSD and severe anxiety on top of having multiple seizures a day. I have been given OxyContin for the pain and I’ve gotten hooked on that poison as well as 13 other medications that will eventually kill my liver and probably the rest of me but I can’t get any weed anywhere in this country to help me it’s god damn insane

  4. If it wasn't for cannabis I probably wouldn't be here I stress myself out so bad I cant eat unless I smoke it calms my depression my anxiety.
    keeps me from thinking myself into a very stressed out mind set

  5. On 08-30-2008 I wrecked my Harley rolling it without a brain bucket on. It crushed chest breaking all ribs multiple times puncturing both lungs and fracturing my pelvic in 5 places. I died 3 times being shocked back. Was in a coma for 87 days and once woke had to relearn life with a 5.5 brain injury.
    The ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM proves that THC gives my brain what it needs to grow new cells.

  6. Just a warning to those starting out on smoking dope, i used to smoke for about 14 years daily (first few years had no problems), in the end it left me with panic attacks, anxiety and depression.
    Im not saying that will happen to everyone who smokes it, but ive met many many people over the years with the same story as mine, some even developed schizophrenia.
    So, smoking dope is not as safe as many advocates say it is.

  7. The rich are always depressed because they pushed their dopamine levels out of balance now they need constant stimulation to where it’s endless buying to feel good well not all some get it. But I noticed this when I started to do it myself, money can make you disconnected if you don’t have structure. I wish therapy would talk more about what ruins society and how to fix it, if you strive for happiness it just makes you more depressed instead of balanced, we saw celebrities committing suicide too, showing money doesn’t make you any happier then low income. Supporting family friends and community is what motivates you and gives you purpose, not money.

  8. It's Too bad @TommyChong is Too Smart to be President! We need His Influence… and knowledge, and, love for Other's, if we Ever want life to be Truly Good… it IS Insanity. And… if Not for "Pot" I wouldn't have Turned 42…

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