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in fact before buying any equipment or when thinking about your equipment you should start here to save yourself some money and time. after all, 85% of …


  1. This is a total scam. What I mean, is that. NO one will ever win the 500 dollar challenge. Hell the 250 or 100. When its based on the whims of the judge, and also some fictional beauty contest. He says "Magic" but that's a vague fucking term, that only he is applying. LED's are about getting more light for less power. Now sure that are a lot of clowns on Amazon saying they have 1500w for 100.00!!!, using 5 year old tech. But I feel the same way about people selling grow books as well. The same people failing with leds regardless of quality, would be the same ones failing with hps or cmh lights. YOu say it "People don't know their equipment" and then some are just shitty gardeners. Both existed before led lights and after as well. People can improve on both with time and talent. Feel free to tone down the melodrama.

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