1. What happens to pot stocks when the administration can't get the 60 votes to pass it in the Senate. The dems don't ACTUALLY CONTROL the senate – They need 60 votes to pass anything – but if you believe they own the senate more power to you.

  2. 0k, I will be watching your moves. I missed the first boat and have been waiting to get in. Bought some XXII today when when it hit 3.55 but also considered Tilray/Ahpria.

  3. Hey Ralph! Thanks as usual for your thoughtful dd. If you have a sec, do you have any thoughts about PLNHF long term? PS, I’ve been mostly home bound during Covid (haven’t we all) and I have not been buying clothes this year either… I’ve definitely been giving my weed dealer more attention than usual though! 🙂 thanks again, you the best!

  4. GME Shareholders – We can do more than just hodl.


    Why? Shorts cannot vote. Fight back. Sign today!
    Look for the petition on change . org. (HFs paid YT to block the link)

    Spread the word. Squeeze not squoze — the shorts are paying millions on the daily to avoid billions!

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