AREV and AREVF are dreaming big in the new mj, green leaf, cannabis sector. unlimited upside potential with their current market cap? Google Says the most …


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  3. Wow many bot replies with crypto promotion.

    Now back to the topic.

    GNRS is a cannabis spac with no announced target, at price very much near NAV. (Below 11$)

    Most cannabis stocks have already soared. GNRS announcements should give you immediately 50% gain.

  4. You say you love the "Pink" Have you looked at TTCM, the app is available for download, update after update but still no action, AR works amazing on the app, no revenue, I don't know what this company is thinking they have 6 pattons other players might want, maybe they have no money hoping for a buyout. I've never seen a Pink otc like it. Holding 1 mil shares.

  5. Good Morning Gents, thanks for putting this on the radar. Good work keeping the video fun and educational. Nice touch with the new graphics. I'm stoked about MMATF. Thank you Mike & Andrew.

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