1. So plants are bad? HAHAHA. What you are describing is the result of PROHIBITION you FOOLS. You are supporting 80 year old PROVEN LIES, told simply so a few rich white men could become even more wealthy! Congratulations, you drank the kool-aide! PLANTS are GOOD for the earth when PROHIBITION is not tainting their natural growth!

  2. IT appears that you will have to legalize this and allow for the farming of with ethical practices of this wonderful plant that was grown for thousands of years all around where it is currently illegal…some political lies about a hundred years ago falsely stigmatized a plant that was commonly used for medicine …just like president trump said…we are getting more oil out and getting better standards through our being better…cleaner air than bs world groups could manage and cheaper gas and oil ….so don't listen to negative fools that tell you how bad you will fuck up the forests…you need people that tell you how NOT TO….if americans are growing in the forrests then they will do it right…but illegal aliens don't care….make a video showing people how to grow marijuana safely…or just go home ….sad spoiled child pushy right violator….

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