These Stocks Are Red Hot! Best Cannabis Oil and Gas Stocks To Buy Now!

These Stocks Are Red Hot! The Cannabis Sector and the Oil and Gas Stocks are on fire! Patreon Link: Start your …


  1. i smash a like button very educational i am very new at this and i am an old man quick note did u ever try to sell with target orders at two different prices with limit order so i can scale out at two different prices is it possible to do this way i do enjoy ur channel Mahalo

  2. Busy day Pal?
    Appreciate the video! 😁

    Crazy dayz!!!!
    I have BIOL by the way. Up around 40-50 %
    Also SYN , XL and OPEN.
    Ya coverin em all for me!

    Sold 1/4 of my position in ILUS today.
    Locked in 882%. 😎
    Holding the other (FREE) 3/4 for the multi-1000's.
    (I HOPE!!!) lol

    These penny stocks are on 🔥 huh?

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