The World This Week: Mars landing, Vaccine strategy, Texas cold snap, France's "Islamo-leftism" row

Nasa’s #Perseverance Rover successfully touching down on the Jezero crater in Mars. It is the delicate first step in a mission to bring back to earth in 2031 actual …


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  2. Firstly space programming is a call to achieve not to find some windows to way out ,immunology comes from the graduand not from the negligence it's way out on this pandemic where world show the sincerity and keeping the humanity alive

  3. I would be taking my kids to a warmer climate too , if I could afford it. The problem has been created by these Green non fossil fuel promoters. How about taking them to task first !!!

    Can we find another excuse to lambast a Republican who can think for himself

  4. Are people really this gullible. The 9 planets are simply the 9 wandering stars. You can’t land on a star. NASA’s last mars landing hoax was proven to have been filmed in Greenland with a red filter on the camera

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