The Week: Iran, No Excuses PAC, Legal Marijuana

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss some of this week’s best Rising moments. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that …


  1. Least harmful drug is controlled (waste of tax money and time). But "I shouldn't have to smell it!", group & label & damn, and one of the most obvious examples of systemic racism in US history… all make it illegal. Realistically, though, who even cares if it's "legal"? Employers hold our rights in their pocket if we are to have the "privilege" of working for them, on numerous subjects (you must also accept debt and poverty for this "privilege". (Never thought I'd hate the word "privilege" as much as I have this past year.) If making it legal helps us control the professional managerial class we all agree to hate, then we're all for it… sigh, one step at a time I guess.

  2. Saagar's the guy that if he ever smoke weed, he won't be able to stop, so he's afraid of it, either that, or he's a closeted smoker/user and like a typical conservative, he's on the DL about the whole thing while simultaneously fighting against it!

  3. have you notices that with legalizing marijuana that there is a corresponding amount of anti-gun laws…the more drugs there are less rights, and the less personal responsibility. This is F'ing bullshit…

  4. What's your problem with Iran now?
    How about you give them their f'ing money and deal with your 'friends';
    the one that takes down your skyscrapers, chops up your citizens and starts a genocide,
    and the other one that runs an apartheid regime that alienates their neighbours??

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