1. Hey Derek, would love to hear more about HGH and HIV as a topic if you have the time. I totally understand why it may not be a topic you might approach just due to the taboo nature of the topic. But it would still be interesting none the less.

  2. Derek – you're the man. Big fan of the channel. I don't know if you'll read this but I think you'd agree that Drostanolone has zero anabolic properties. 100% androgenic(recheck the years of articles we have both clearly read on these topics). Only indirect anabolic action by potentially freeing steroids from binding proteins that are currently being used by the athlete (synthetic AAS or testosterone). Drostanolone has the highest affinity for SHBG of any synthetic steroid ever synthesized. Possibly enhancement of motor neuron recruitment and enhanced firing capacity of type II muscle fibers. Go as far to say that increased androgenic to estrogenic ratio shift in the body can foster favorable composition changes(doesn't burn directly but promotes – lipolysis given a reasonably strategic diet). But direct anabolic action, dromostanolone or Masteron does not have anywhere in its profile.

  3. I love Derek and his meaty shoulders but does every other comment need to be about his delts?? U guys should actually listen to the content in stead of just typeing delts for every new video comment.

  4. Body reading indicates grain consumption and decay in the large intestine showing up in your bottom left lip inflammation and upper left indicating pancreatic stress also from eating grain which is indigestible in the human gut.

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