The Health Bridge – Cannabis and Entheogens and their Medicinal Uses with Guest Larry Ostrovsky

This week Sara Gottfried and Pedram Shojai welcome Larry Ostrovsky to the podcast as they discuss a more controversial topic this week. The trio discuss the …


  1. Love you both soooo much. Big fan here!!
    I hope you or staff read comments, so here we go.
    I have a couple interview suggestions Please, please, please interview Amber Lyons. This chick is incredibly intelligent and her story is amazing! Check out her site
    Also, Marisa Miller Wolfson, Writer/Director/Editor of the movie "Vegucated".
    Have you seen it?

  2. I was so excited to see this topic come up with you two.  It's a big thing to "go public" with such a controversial topic.  Congrats for your insight and clarity and commitment to proceed in spite of possible lash-back.  You all 3 handled the topic (and substances) brilliantly.  What a great tribunal. Every point was valuable. 

    Yes, these medicines can be uber healing but need to be entered upon and "collaborated" with using great care, respect and wisdom.  Enthogens such as Ayahuasca need to be approached with great reverence and the ceremony guided by a true shaman from a great lineage of shamans and not someone who has just tried it a few times or isn't authentic.  A special cleansing diet needs to be followed for @ a week: no meat etc, so you enter the ceremony "clean" (and wearing white to symbolize that state).  Everyone does not throw up, especially if you are clean mentally, physically and spiritually.

    Aya is not something to be messed with or used for simply getting "high."  Those folks who do would be in for a big surprise to meet their shadow self big time…. if could be very scary.

    Thank you again for your fantastic wisdom and insight into what is involved with healing the whole person on all levels of body, mind and spirit.  Health Bridge is my new "gold standard." 


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