The Green Room – 02/18/2021 – "Legalization"

Join Dr Barry Gordon and Ruta Jouniari, Thursday (2/18) at 8:30AM in “The Green Room”. What about “Legalization”? What happens to our industry? Tune in to …


  1. Just remember that legislators don’t care about you and it will make sense. Politicians don’t lead, they follow. Now that most are in favor of medical and adult use suddenly they are progressing on the issue.

  2. The solution to the grid and climate change is 4th generation nuke plants. The reason is because they are designed to not be able to melt down even if there is a Fukushima like problem. Bill Gates is correct about generation 4 nuke plants in this regard. I’m not crazy about all his views but he is spot on for nuke plants. This with a mix of renewable energy is the way forward.

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