The Female Orgasm, Explained with Science Projects | Data Attack

The male orgasm is an explosive affair, but the female orgasm? Now, that’s a different story. Find out what’s really going down when a woman gets off.


  1. The female orgasm would cease to be a mystery if women were self-directed rather than OTHER. Moreover, women are infinitely more the collective beneficiary of adverse effects of social control and a history of subservience to convention. These events must disembody women. Orgasm is embodiment.
    Finally, fear, shame and guilt will not fetch you an orgasm. Men are not extricated from responsibility. Masculinity that is self serving is futile for the women involved.

    – Godfrey Silas

  2. Its really easy to make woman orgasim,u got to like her and then try to break intro her eye wall, i make my girl cum8 times in 1 hour and 30 mins,if my girl c this she will kill me lol

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