1. What you are saying about ancient cultures is not necessarily true… I'm from Crete and the early Minoans knew a lot about medicinal plants that where used specifically for women. They were for example used to remove menstural pains and as an early form of birth control. So there is no evidence that women died in a higher frequency in childbirth, because they prevented pregnancy and knew about abortion with the help of medicinal properties in plants for example. Also, a lot of theories claim that the Minoans was a matriarchal society. But as always great video and an important conversation has been started ❤️

  2. ok YES to this video. but on the concept of going dutch, im not gonna have someone think they've done me a favor by paying for my meal when it was really just for them to protect their ego. they way ppl get mad when u dont let them pay for you is crazy BUT its a reliable red flag imo. no i dont think going dutch is undoing the patriarchy but it brings me peace of mind that i've taken care of myself and will continue to do so with our without whoever i was eating with?

  3. Άκυρο αλλά : ποια η άποψη σου για τα fast fashion μαγαζιά τα οποία έχουν πλέον βγάλει φουλ "vintage " γραμμές και ρετρο ρούχα; τύπου, έβρισκα τα ρούχα μου μόνο σε λαϊκές και 2nd hands , τις προάλλες μπήκα shein και είδα ότι έχει τα πάντα από vintage "ιδιαίτερα " κομμάτια . Σε περίπτωση που κάνεις κάνα qand a… εγώ προσωπικά έχω ξενερωσει με την φάση ..

  4. yeah I did not even watch the whole thing, there are so many things wrong with it… i kinda watched the last part about marriage because I am planning a research about marital satisfaction and romantic love and this is always in my focus but these three minutes you just were salty and pessimistic. Also that is quite a dumb research you've made, I am just… honestly, this is the last time I watch anything NOT from academics. Such a waste of time that I can not get back + negativity. Cheers!

  5. The way you present your bias based assumptions as facts is, to say the least, outrageous. No, what you are saying is not ConTRoversiANL. Statistics DO NOT EQUAL FACTS. Besides the fact that to include statistics in order to support an idea, you have to study what the statistic can offer and what they, inherently, do not include. You took random information you found on the internet in order to support something you decided is the truth. By saying random I do not imply that the sources are not presenting some part of the reality. BUT that the way you connect the sources and the “facts” has no correlation. And this is why the whole video is misleading and frankly dangerous.

    But the worst part is that you use the same strategies and even arguments, as the people who shove their sexism and discriminatory opinions on everybody’s faces. If you wanna come to your platform and start a conversation regarding such complex subjects, you have to also look into what actual philosophers and scientists have to say. Not because of elitism or canonization. But so that you, and we, can understand what people who have studied these subjects, have to offer to us today and how we can further develop their thoughts. Cultural and social and gender studies are constantly undermined by people, because either some do not understand what they research. But also because people present their opinions as you did. Science has many forms, we can not just spread misinformation and present it as an opinion.

    People who are born male and identify themselves (or think so) as men are not just a problem. They are the products of the same society as you are. You try to define men by their unsolved emotional issues, which is the product of patriarchal and capitalist societies. Everybody is Brocken in some way, some privilege more and some less. But ultimately the biggest oppression tool is class, which benefits from all other problems. This is what people who support the opinion that “women are not into politics that why you don’t see many women in important positions” do. They just take some random facts and piece them together to support their assumption. Not to say that all this irrational monologue was basically presented from a European perspective, dismissing knowledge from many other places of the world. PLEASEEEEEE, attend some seminars, not on skillshare, of cultural studies, or gender studies. Not so that you believe everything that you are taught. But because it will help you build a system that does not take random facts to build the argument they wish for. This video is actually problematic because it is counterproductive and very much dangerous.

    Also to answer a philosophical question such as “are people inherently bad or good”, you would have to include many different realities, not just the ones you are aware of. Nonetheless, humans are products of the societies that shape them. How do you even plan on having an absolute answer on the topic, when it's hard to even find out whether humans have ever existed free from their social norms?

  6. This was reallly good to watch. I do disagree on some of your points, like I truly believe humans all are at heart good or atleast have it in them to be good. The way we normally want the best for our sims families is a lovely example of this, but I truly loved a lot of your other points

  7. I have found a pretty great guy and I share him! He lives his life, I live mine. He fucks pussy, so do I. I love him but I will never marry him. I wish you all the best. Focus on your own life. Share love with everyone around you.

  8. This video is awesome! My boyfriend and I are a vegan power couple determined to live a childless existence free from the construct of marriage so I think I’ll keep him for now, but for real points were made. 😤✨

  9. I think that capitalism in itself is not sexist or hetero patriarchal. It was like this, of course, when women couldn't work. But now that women can work, I think it's time women get power from it and empower. And actually strong women use capitalism for their own benefit. Look at the Kardashians for example. Or any other woman. Now, more than ever women have the enough rights to do and be whoever they want. They can make enterprises, own companies, make a lot of money. People think that in communist countries there's no sexism?? It's a lie. They're sexist. Men are sexist everywhere. Also in every communist country women don't have places in the government… They're not empowered. Women have to use capitalism in their own benefit and independence instead of waiting for a communism, controlled by men again…

  10. 16:50 Okay. That part, where you would share the alpha guy with someone else, is a thing that actually privileges men. I don't know if you've ever thought about it, but then you have 1 single man with a harem of women, while women have to share him and even be sexual between each other because obviously the man would like to have sex with many of them together. This is something that happens in Islam for example. The man can have 4 wives. I don't know, but it looks sexist to me, the man is incredibly privileged, and the women raise the children. I would be polyamorous If I had more than one male partner that was hot. I mean, a lot of male partners that were hot. But sharing a man?? That's giving him too much privilege.

  11. So I shared a post with my bf about a very beautiful gesture a married man had with his wife for their 40 aniversary. He told me he wanted to be like that and I told him nobody is stopping him. Well… His answer "you'll have to wait 40 years". I'm honestly so pissed off.

  12. For a while now I've been thinking that what should've been done, when women entered the workplace; was to split the amount of hours. In jobs where men would typically work 12 hours a day, the hours could be split so that everyone had 6 hour workdays. Then both parties have more free time to spend maintaining the home together. AND there wouldn't be any competition??
    Instead we now have couples that both work 8 – 10 hour shifts each, some even have multiple jobs each, and then housework and children is an entire, separate full time job that waits for them once they get home. So actually, we should be fighting for 6 hour work days? The big companies can afford that change immediately. Smaller companies would need some time to adjust, but it shouldn't take more than around 10 years for the economy to adjust to this? If we were to cut the work day by 20 minutes per year, for example… 🤷‍♀️
    (Idk, did I manage to explain my thoughts in a manner easy to understand?)

    Great video btw we love the sass!!!

  13. Seeing your interest in the topic I think you’d be interested in reading feminist epistemology in the philosophy of science field. A good read that talks about how the language of science and the metaphors we use can create misunderstandings about who us humans are and how we even function, reproduce, etc— it’s titled The Egg and the Sperm: how science has constructed a romance based on stereotypical male female roles by Emily Martin.

  14. Rage Becomes Her (by Soraya Chemaly) talks of this 21:58, how women's rights to paid work have occurred, but socially we are yet to catch up with this, and therefore, women are working full time jobs while fulfilling the vast majority of unpaid work at home. 
    This book is full to the brim of studies' findings on a wide array of issues regarding women in society. And although the studies she cites are generally hetero cis, she strives to add intersectionality wherever she can. Unfortunately, most of these socio-scientific studies are just done this way though. I'm 1/2 way through, but super recommend it based on what I've read thus far!
    Another brilliant episode, Kristen! 🙂

  15. AHH can’t believe I forgot to comment right after watching this but. Kristen. Just. SNAPPED with this one👏👏 ofc loved ur vids before but this officially took you to ~favorittte youtuberrr status~ and ofc 100% sharing bc everyone needs to see this

  16. I think as a man, If your life goals is to have an offspring you should either be 1) super handsome and be a good father or 2) be rich.
    A lot of women are actually obsessed with having an offspring too (if I think about the Mums I know) they had their children mostly cause it was the right thing to do or they really wanted to start a family. And it’s fine to be this way, except men gotta understand that it’s up to women to decide who and if they want a child with, and not try to force women to live under unfair patriarchal standards.

  17. Queen thoughts and prayers to you, Greek (cishet) men are at best disappointing, I honestly try to socialize with most of them as little as possible to protect my mental health

  18. 16. How does he feel about gay men and trans people? Homophobia & transphobia is misogyny in disguise
    17. Are you allowed to have male friends? Are you allowed to spend any time with your male friends while he’s not around?
    18. Does he care about nutrition? Does he know how many servings of fruit and veggies is recommended daily? Or does he have the palate of a toddler?
    19. Are you allowed to set aside your phone and leave his texts unanswered at work? Is he willing to make any sacrifices no matter how small to support you in your career? Or does he expect to always be the the top priority?

  19. Ok I haven't finished the video yet, it is very interesting but at 18:10, in your matriarchal society scenario, why would you say that only the 60% that had relationships with men would have (1 or 2) children? I am guessing this wasn't on purpose but the homosexual women and couples would also want to have children as many of them actually do. So maybe we can actually sustain the human population and live that matriarchal fantasy… 🙂

  20. I love your videos, your ideas and points of view, but please please learn a bit more about reviewing scientific studies. You cannot base a whole theory about maybe the most complex of human behaviours around articles from sources like the guardian

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