1. This guy believes in science what a nerd lol Bud was a main component in the anointing oil that's referred in the Bible think about it Bud Is the truth it's the best medicine no Doctor in a lab can recreate it only ingest it

  2. he wrong about one thing. God did put weed here for us to smoke lol its medicine for the body. of course the white man lack that understanding. he needs to go smoke some dmt or do shrooms to really understand weed

  3. Its an individual physiological reaction just like everything else and definitely not good for young people whose brains are still rapidly developing. The documentary looks interesting.

  4. Just because you have endocannabinoids, doesn't mean it wasn't meant for you to ingest it. It just means your body is able to not have to make as much, as you have an external source. You can make certain amino acids, but eating them makes sure you always have a constant supply. Are they bad because they are being ingested, and we make them? Of course not, so why with herb?

    Some people may not make enough endocannabinoids for various reasons, so by having a safe external source, you can still activate those receptors if for some reason you can't do it yourself.

    Humans have been on this earth for at least 10's of thousands of years, and using cannabis for over at least 3,000 years, and the only time we have heard how bad weed is is recently, and that came from money issues. I would think by now humans know what is good for us, and what isn't, as far as plants. Its modern man that has an issue with cannabis, which makes you wonder, WHY?

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