1. So the white girl is preachy, the white boy is playing video games, white students are shown studying, the brown skinned girl is pictured when "smoking a joint" is mentioned, non-white teens are pictured when talking about lack of sleep, not enough exercise, and eating junk food? Seriously, NIDA? SERIOUSLY? Nice way to enforce stigma.

  2. Yeah, so…. Basically you are sayin that every single brain on the earth should develope the same and be the same, it would be better for us right? But where is the individuality than, Isnt it beutifull to have different point of view for life than everybody else? Every video learning us about drugs ending with message like, "Dont do drugs couse your brain would be different than it should be" but who sad that brain should be like this… You want to have same life as like every person walking on this giant ball? Whats wrong with difference? I belive that one day people would get how difference is really important, by my opinion.
    Im out.

  3. Please make multiple versions of this video and use teenagers of all ethnicities, genders, socio-economic groups and languages! Teenagers are not all blonde white girls πŸ™„ and teenagers will receive these important messages if they are delivered by other teenagers who they can relate to and look and sound like them! That is what will influence teenagers to pay attention to the message.

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