Tại sao Cannabis giảm? Có nên đầu tư SNDL, HEXO, TILRAY bây giờ không? | Thinksmart Brother Show 19

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  2. Mua chủ định đầu tư long term thì cứ ngồi chờ thôi. Giá lên giá xuống mặc kệ. Đã dám bỏ tiền ra chơi thì phải xác định có mất hết cũng ko chết. Ko việc gì phải freak out khi market correction sảy ra cả. Diamond hands !!!

  3. Because they shorted the price, short sellers doesn’t wanna raise the price too high, they are loading their bags now, before gov legalized it. Once the price goes up too high, short sellers cannot control the price, will be hard for them to keep their position

  4. Jimmy, I have questions but still don't know the answers, hope you can clear it out:

    1. Say if US legalizes cannabis, then why people continue to buy Canadian Cannabis company like SNDL, Tilray or Hexo? Will it be new companies and new players on the markets that are in the US?

    2. I currently invest most of mine into SNDL since it was below $1, but I still have doubt about this company. With their earning report, they only make $20+mil, which is too far below their market price and the stock value. Then do you think SNDL is currently over-value and bubble?

    3. What Option Leon bought for SNDL?


  5. Co rat' thich' nhung cau hoi thong minh cua Jimmy & Long ! Great & handsome all blue Team today , especial Jimmy. Co phai thuyet' phuc con gai' dau` tu…ma` no' ly` qua'…..Cam' on da cho moi nguoi` them binh` tinh tu tin !

  6. Anh oi, e sống ở canada. Sndl giao dịch ở mỹ, mình phải trả thuế 15% income. A có thể gợi ý cho e cannabis stock giao dịch ở cânda nào ok ko a? Cám on a nhieu.

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