1. Sad that you guys would give the piece of shit arjan a platform. He literally took land race genetics from indigenous people, watered down the original with his bs strains, then tried monopolizing off it… Lost respect on this one…

  2. Peace luv an respect,Franko,for the first 10 year of growing I wouldnt use any seeds but greenhouse seeds they where and are the best range of lots of great strains R.I.P RESPECT ??????❤?❤?✌?✊??????

  3. 1 seed from Europe or anywhere, going to a landrace area of the world does not get out competed by other landraces. The pollen comes out of the hybrid and crosses with the landrace, and this changes it forever. If land races out competed hybrids then why is there no Lambs bread in Jamaica, or where is Acapulco Gold or Colombian gold.

    Data driven breeding is the sickness of humanity. GMO is killing us!!! The fact we already eat GMO does not make it ok. It means we need to work harder to keep landrace heritage varieties. The cavandish banana is a perfect example. The IR8 rice Arjan is talking about in ASIA is creating malnutrition. We need variety in our weed and food supply.

  4. Well I was gonna go dam again once lockdown is over but hey looks like I’ll be staying in the uk now if I’m not allowed in coffee shops because I’m a “ tourist” Tbf we have as good bud in the uk now so dam is screwed if they stop all tourist money coming in.

  5. I have been growing over 40 years! I wouldn't buy seed from these guys…
    They are not that good and greedy.! Not worth it.
    You can get mostly anything you want thrue seedsman. All breaders.!!! ✌️

  6. Amateur breeder here in the US….been breeding for 10 years and my pheno hunts and male selection process is highly quality controlled for desired traits. I wish some professional breeders ah hum….in house…ah hum HSO would stop the hype and get some quality material for a better price per seed pack.
    It's true though that here in the US (at least in CA) clones of super quality genetics from REPUTABLE breeders are easily available to grow out commercially or use in breeding projects.

  7. I got tired of paying good money for garbage cannabis so I decided to Grow my own. I love my strains crossed from a blueberry and Jack Herer. Now I have accumulated thousands of high thc content seeds through multiple generations.

  8. fuck bitcoin i tried to buy when it first came out never worked for me, tried to buy in december and still denyed tried so many sites… so many times i hate crypto i just want to buy beans but it never lets n they never get back to me. fuck it

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