1. Another solid video Jay. Thanks. Love the depth and that you don't just follow the hype and also you're not shy to say when you bought in and where you're going with them all. Peace.

  2. I sold my pntr today. I'm not as confident as you. It was up a tad in the after market and decided to bail on it. I had bought it for a short swing trade but it swung the wrong direction. I'm in big on 3 spacs, ccix, psth, and rbac. If and when they merge I should do well. I avoid the IPO spac's because the man who I shall not name (because I can never remember it) seems so greedy and arrogant that I choose to look elsewhere. I heard he put 25k in clover Health and got 20% of the company.

  3. I'm surprised CCIV had such a run up after hours. Makes me feel like some people got some insider info. Good news for me hopefully. I got my calls back when the stock was $18 and got them for April and August so not worried about waiting for news. Feel bad for everyone who got the cheapest closest options hoping the info was gona be released that next week… also parking a lot of money in IPOF warrants. Hopefully cash out some nice gains from CCIV to park in there also. I think IPOF will be a big one. It's a billion + dollar spac….getting in before announcements.

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