1. If you keep a steady air exchange inside your room at night the very little CO2 that the plants produce won't have time to accumulate around them. You want the stomata to open right after the day begins, so you either wait until that happens naturally or you flash them with dim blue light for about half an hr before the photosynthesis kicks off.

  2. I can't seen to find a pilotless unit like this online. "Polar Air Manufacturing Enriched Air" yields no results. Can you link to a place to purchase one or a similar unit without pilot?

  3. watch 3o different videos you'll hear 3o different things…SMH…a spliff is calling at all times, but you have to press send 3 times rotate the phone counterclock wise, tag your nearest cell tower, let a conehead put his head to it, and guess who is calling just to answer…i bought a cash crop 2.0 off of a guy i know and i've let it sit in the corner doing nothing…and watchin videos of this nature talkin about 1millionth sure as hell wont help

  4. it still sounds like you didn't read all the comments, because i DID tell you what method i used, i DID tell you what to use, i even told you some things you'd need if you used the tanks for a small cab grow, then i added, in ONLY one or two comments, a few lines about safety ( i only wrote on it a 2nd time because you acted like i was a dick for writing on it the first time)…i gave you the advice on what i know, multiple times after you continually asked me…good bye

  5. IF im a King your the Health & safety man of course I read what you wrote.I was asking you what diy method you were using & what to use since there are a few diy methods out there.The gear ive got can take co2 but safety comes first.Trust me to ask the wrong person.

  6. i literally explained EVERYTHING to you, took the time to type 8 full comments, clearly a waste of time, forget what i said, obviously wasn't THAT important if you don't even bother to read, oh and fiy, idk what's shoved up YOUR ass making you feel like a king, but i WOULD talk this wayto your face, especially since all i did was present info on SHIT THAT HAS KILLED PEOPLE…its not some joke, small closet grows are the worst for ppl who don't know much to just strap expensive gas equipment in

  7. i've given you nothing but help, what arent you understanding? that you cant buy them? i honestly wasnt meaning to come across as an asshole, but when someone asks you to explain a DIY project and they ask u where you buy, after you've told them twice that diy means do it yourself…it came across as you not understanding it, so i recommend a good website…and the only way i've talked to you was someone who wants to see others do right, excuse me for trying to convey that as serious as possible

  8. I was only asking a civil question which you still avent answered.I mentioned the electricity because you were concerned with safety.You being an authority on growing I was assuring you my grow room was safe.I do know my shit just not got into gas enrichment.I would rather ask someone using the technique than a salesman.Incidently I do know the forums but they are full of know fuck alls.You wouldnt speak to anyone face to face the way you do, so stop being an arsehole online for fucks sake !

  9. and where did we mention electricity, CO2 isn't flammable…the only problem electrical equipment poses are 1) water hazard 2) fire due to dust / combustible + spark and 3) electrical interference. about you asking for someone who wasn't a know it all…to grow well, and grow good, you have to know your shit, and there's a lotta shit to know, so like i said, do your research…try kindgreenbuds . com click on 'homegrown' tab on the left

  10. well still, i suggest you do more research…You clearly don't know what "DIY" means…. diy means "do it yourself" it is a method of findings cheaper parts, and building what you want for potentially less money…i told you what they were, but you're still asking what they are, AND where to get them….did you read ALL of my comments, #123, and the other two? it sounds like you didnt….

  11. By the way I finally broke down and bought a CAP gen-1 natural gas co2 generator. It cost me $239 on ebay and was well worth it. I now have seen my yeilds increase at least 50% and my grow time cut down by 1/3. What used to take 10 weeks to flower and produced 1-1.5oz of dried buds, now only takes around 7weeks to flower and produces around 3-3.5oz of dried meds. I used to barely break even on the grow but now can pay off my credit cards in full.

  12. Also, the yeast, sugar, and water method was made for co2 supplementation in aquarium use. It may be enough to supply a few tiny underwater plants with co2 but no where near enough to make a difference in a plant grown indoors. The only way this would be enough is if you grow in a tiny space that is totally sealed.

  13. Needless to say I was spending quite a bit on the sugar, yeast, and containers and wanted to see what my ppm reading was. I borrowed my friends portable ppm meter and was stunned at the reading. I had a 10x10ft grow space with 8ft cielings and had two home made co2 generators that were 5gal buckets with sealed lids fed to gal milk jugs. My reading was a meager 550ppm's!! I had sealed rooms as well with timed exhaust. I let the co2 build up for 2hrs with no exhaust before taking the reading.

  14. All you peeps talking about co2 supplementation using yeast, sugar, and water are fools. First of all and most importantly, this method doesnt work unless done on a large scale using very large containers and lots of sugar and yeast. Second, you have to keep the solution at a temp of around 80 deg at all times to get it to produce co2. This can be done with a sub water heater or an electric warming mat. I went out and got 5gal containers to utilize and used sub water heaters.

  15. I asked for advice on Diy bottles & were to get them.All my electrical work is carried out by qualified electricians from work who also grow.I been through all the safety talks on gasses.

  16. depending on cost of recharging the tank… i would go with the tank + reg + valve that lets you control the outflow rate of your gas, that way even with your small closet grow, you could get just enough, not too much…also, remember the parts per million (ppm) must be higher than 1500 ppm to see noticeable results…hard to do with diy in even small closets…normal outside i think is around 500 to 700 ppm ( don't quote me on it ) and inside its around 300 to 500 ( again don't quote me on it )

  17. COMMENT #3 – SORRY —> you also need small diameter plastic tubing ( less than 1 inch, like from walmart for aquarium air pumps ) next screw on your tubecap, and place in a suitable location ( preferably behind something, like cardboard sheet or something, in case a stoppage occurs in the tube, and it blows up. but think of it as a blow up that would only hurt your plants if the solution inside bottle got on them and would make a loud noise, like fireworks 😀
    results will be noticeable in 30m

  18. COMMENT #2 – just make sure the temp of the water is warm to the touch…also beware of old yeast, sometimes it wont activate…if you see very tiny CO2 bubbles coming from the bottom of the bottle when assembled, you have it right, and will need to replace it within a week ( the hassle ) ASSEMBLY. take your bottle cap, and cut a hole for your tubing, slightly smaller than tube diameter and jam tube in. Next put in water, then sugar, then stir slightly, then mix in yeast READ NEXT COMMENT

  19. diy bottles are usually made of 2 & 3 liter bottles…it's what goes inside that's important… first you'll need yeast…active dry yeast is the only kind i've ever heard people using, and there are plenty of brands to choose, just look in your stores baking section…next you need sugar, white will do,then for a 2 liter bottle you need 2 cups hot, 2 cups cold water, around 95 to 98 degrees. add 1 1/2 to 2 cups sugar, add a tablespoon of yeast. yeast is fussy about temps… READ NEXT COMMENT

  20. I can get co2 gas bottles from my mates pub but need a cheap co2 regulator or would you recomend something else I can get medical oxygen bottles,tubes & regulator or can you recomend something else?

  21. they are what i started with, just to see if my climate was decent to grow in in even the worst growing conditions, you cannot grow literally anything worth your while with it, 2 (2) liter bottles cut in half, stuck together, with aquarium gravel in top, with water in bottom… i never changed the water ( 3 1/2 months ) algae grew in it, and apparently there was enough nutes to grow a 4 inch 1 stalk plant with a 1 inch fluffy bud… i currently use 1 & 3 g pots, as that was an experiment

  22. Well said could you explain what these hydrobottles are & their advantages/disadvantages are tanks better?.I can get o2 regulators & bottles are they any use?I would be gratefull if you could be of assistance since I wouldnt like to ask the know all types:)

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