1. Bug-eyes doesn't give a damn about anybody but herself, and to try to keep her jailbird husband's name in the news enough to ensure that he'll pick up his BUSINESS EFFORTS if he ever gets out of prison.

    Why don't YOU open YOUR eyes and see the truth for what it is?

    The "big names" out there don't attack people who want the REPEAL OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION because they want prohibition to end! That'd derail their money train, & they'll fight against that tooth and nail & hate ANY threat to it!

  2. Juanita Jax, If you feel that telling the truth about the cannabis laws is "being mean to the Emerys," I guess that means either you and/or the Emerys have a problem. Not my concern; you have my sympathy.

  3. Last response and I'm out for the night.

    1) I-502 is a crock of shit. It's hurt far more people than it will ever help, and it WILL get worse.

    2) The Emerhhoids supported it.

    3) Anyone in Washington who is NOT "profiting off the sick" is hurting because of it, and their "eyes are opened and they are in full realization" of what is going on.

    Obviously you haven't a clue of the damage the fraudulent DUI provisions are causing…or that it is about to get even worse.


  4. I've talked to her. I've met her. I've heard things she's said. I've witnessed things she's done with my own eyes.

    I don't "dare" criticize her at all. I criticize based on evidence which is known to thousands of people. Your inability to see through the smokescreen is not my concern, unfortunately, and as the clock has just passed 2AM and my coffee is empty, I leave you to question your own motives…'cause I'm hittin' the hay.

    Feel free to respond tomorrow…no rush…

  5. Because I detests liars? Because they attack those who speak the truth? Because they create situations and use lackeys to "fill in the blanks" so that they "believe" that they can have "plausible deniability", even as those people they use as mouthpieces slowly wake up to the reality of what they've been buying for so long?

    There are a lot of reasons to dislike them…and, to be blunt, I don't waste my time on them unless someone else mentions them.

    They are inconsequential, and will fade.

  6. Perhaps he's talked to them, or met them, or heard something they said?

    Pretty much all of the reasons that I can think of for why people don't like them.

    ESPECIALLY people in Washington…but that's a whole different kettle of fish that only a Washington resident should address…and they will, I'm sure.

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