SNDL Stock Update! Sundial Growers is down 12%! Is it time to Buy Or Sell SNDL Stock?

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  1. Motley Fool and Jim Cramer are always misinforming the masses in order for them to make money. If you want to make money then use the best of your judgement against market manipulator. When Wall street publicly acknowledge something is already too late or do the opposite.

  2. I originally started investing in SNDL a few months ago when it was around .45 cents and I looked into the company pretty in-depth. I really liked recent moves made by this company. Fortunately I found your page about 3 weeks ago and joined your discord recently. I know it’s a good company that has promise if legalization happen the states. Great content

  3. First. I left SNDL early last week as it was v susceptible to pump and dumpers. Might buy back in at a lower price just to swing. Thanks for this vid

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