1. People have been smoking for thousands of years… Cancer has only become a prevalent issue in the last fifty… Logical conclusion… Its not smoking causing cancer its something else… Has anyone examined methods of lighting up? Gas lighters have only become prevalent in the last fifty odd years… Before that people used matches and there was nowhere near as high a rate of cancer as there is today…

    Lung cancer isn't uncommon in people who don't smoke and scientists are mystified….

    But a lot of people have gas hobs for cooking…

    The oldest documented person in the world was 122 years old when she died…. And she smoked for 100 of those years…

    Gas is a nice tidy fit of a culprit here… If you think about it… She would have been using matches for most of her life…

    When you light a ciggarrette you hold a lighter to a ciggarrette press the button… Gas get squirted up and you inhale… Then it ignites and you keep inhaling… So every time you light a ciggarrette you are inhaling a certain amount of gas…

    A thirty a day habit is roughly 182 hours over sixty years or over a single continuous week of breathing in carcinogenic gas…

  2. اني طالبه من مصر اتمني ان التحق ب كلية الطب اتمنها من كل قلبي هذا والسنه القادمه سوف اعود الي هنا و اقول الحمد لله حققت حلمي ……♥️♥️?

  3. If world do not want any cancer any heart due to cigarette then WHO and every state every countries and territories should banned cigarettes and other types of cigarette and tobacco plant should be based strictly like lockdown and if you had to not go to hospital so please watch this and comment and please stop cigarette or any other kind of cigarette thankyou

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