Shaping Fire Ep. 22 – Treating Brain Injury with Cannabis and Mushrooms with guest Dr. Ethan Russo

There is a new way to treat traumatic brain injuries that some neuroscientists believe will help patients recover more fully. Microdosing cannabis to support the …


  1. i had a traumatic brain injury 4 years ago from an assault. i had some brain hemorrhaging and was in a coma for 12 hours. i used to use mushrooms before that. i wonder if i could still use them or if they would be harmful to me

  2. Cbd is great for concussions also mushrooms were useful for me in a way I could feel it connecting my brains serotonin also I was thinking not slow but one thought after another instead of hearing a song in my head while thinking i could think about 1 thing very good way too good I wouldn't recommend shrooms right after concussion especially if your not comfortable but I do feel like it helped connect my brain in weird ways that were probably therapeutical

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