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  1. Hey brody how ya been? Hope all is well these days! U ever talk to nerd anymore? I know you like to use work you have already either worked or have been working for yrs. I understand the reasoning behind that as far as reliability of progeny ie yeild , structure, stability and of course potency. But I really wish you could work some unique or intense iconic terp profiles either into your whole lineup or a separate f1 line (as they wouldn't be as predictable your current offerings). Most of your stuff is very og in heritage w exception to the witches line. Im absolutely not knocking the current stuff as ive run dam near the whole menu. My rift cut i called nightshade was phenomenal. I just know the current climate w legislation alot of whats out there is very similar and seems to have a very limited terpine range. Alot of what everyone is doing is reworks, recreations, or crosses of the same few genetics lines! Basically can you or would you ever like to take a step out of the mainstream and bring some wild terpines either from yrs past or more exotic quality over quantity types profiles to the market for those who are looking for that but from a trusted name. Imo the future for the regular or small guy in the legal market will b about who has that unique or new/different terp offerings. The big dollar corporate takeover and watering down is pushing those of us who put in the work when it wasnt so safe to do this work out. Without a huge warehouse (or many) and an in w the political element its getting really hard to find a place in the rec/medical driven market. But someone w that true gas that slaps will always have a place… Anyways just an idea seeing as you have the platform, name recognition, and networking to do something like that.

  2. I got excited thought it was the other Dirty Little secret, Currently have Exotic's in week 7 from seed, looking good so far. Still wasnt disappointed in the Vid, Great stuff man.

  3. Hi Vader. You answered my question the other night on the CLTV. I understand what you are saying. Maybe you can help stir me a little better. I like the paranoid, in my head, cracked out, euphoric, psychedelic type of weed. I am planning on running your genetics, but just am not sure what to get. Maui Waui has always been a favorite of mine, but I doubt I had your genetics. Thanks sir. I'm glad you had a great time with your other projects, but it's good to have you back as well. Cheers.

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