Scientology: Murders and Cover-Ups (Full Documentary) | Real Crime

Scientology is one of the world’s most controversial and secretive religions. Famous followers extol its virtues but a series of suspicious deaths brings into …


  1. Scientology is a cult and these people are indoctrinated and brainwashed and relieved of all their money. It's amazing to me that these people buy into the crazy things that this church believes and I call it a church very dubiously.

  2. Did you know ALL 501c have to provide their finance records when requested through a proper request? If they refuse their 501c accreditation is terminated! This is law yet Kenneth Copeland and Scientology both refuse to turn over records. Anyone can request the records all though given how people end up dead with Scientology I don't recommend it. Legally both should no longer be able to hide tax free for years now!!!!

  3. In the end when they find out the God is an alien you would think they'd haul butt. For narcissists like Tom Cruise and John Travolta the claim to become demi gods is just to much. But there is good news if people say they are scientologists or members of LSD mormons or Jehovah witnesses you know not to be friends with them.

  4. I see people say only God is great or quoting passages from the bible, God is not great, no great man would let genocide happen if they could prevent it! LRH was a con man who wrote rubbish the stupid people bought into, no different from the stories in the bible, I mean Noah’s Ark must have been bigger than any ship afloat today, afraid the I got lost at the improbability of that, immaculate conception and the talking snake to name a few ludicrous things written 🤷‍♂️

  5. Where's Shelly…. David Miscavige???! She's been missing for years! Scientology is Demonic, and inhumane!!!! CLEARLY MONEY TALKS, AND LAW ENFORCEMENT/THE GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED IN DESTROYING & HIDING EVIDENCE! Lord I hope people continue to wake up, and get out. I remember watching Leah speak on this one A&E. It BLEW my mind!!!!!

  6. Okay, it's a sect or cult. Why do people feel the need to follow such things? Bc something is missing in their lives, is my best guess? I am an agnostic man. This doesn't make me bad, nor does it make me know all there is. This," sect," is probably here, right now, within these comments. Find the strength in your own selves to just exist on this earth. Don't follow anything. The power you might be seeking is in you already. Have faith in yourself! Do right bc it is the right thing to do, not bc of religion or a sect, that tells you what to do. When your time comes you will find out. It's not join our club now or you won't ever know. The word human means to help one another. Use good common sense about who you help. It is the best policy. Senseless death is not a good practice. Stay alive. Try to make a positive effect on others. If you read this, peace and love, to all families of our world. Dan.

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