Rep. Ilhan Omar URGES legalization of recreational marijuana

During an online event with Rep. Barbara Lee and State Rep. Ryan Winkler, Rep. Ilhan Omar discussed the legalization of recreational marijuana. #Omar …


  1. Ha ha Funny, "the war on drugs"that was over 30 years ago moron, the government don't care about the drug problem, just like you've been talking about getting us health care for the last 40 years

  2. Colorado where I live, marijuana is sold in certain places. Not all rural communities embrace it. Brings lots of money to Telluride and Ridgway, Colorado. Others conservative towns don’t wanna participate. Or…they pass new ordinances but have growers only in towns like mine. It’s just complicated.

  3. Way to delete speech you don't like The Hill? I was 100% on topic. How many times have you deleted the response? 3 now?
    I guess the truth about crime statistics is too much to handle and must be removed? But you're ok with all the comments over in the Limbaugh story?
    I wonder what the difference is? Journalistic standards I guess.

  4. Failed war on drugs has destroyed so many lives. I happen to be a white guy with a felony for marijauna. I cant get loans or jobs or work my way out of poverty. I grew up in a depressed area and have suffered for last 13 years with harrasment and financial blocking. I have had seizures since I was a child and Cannibus is the only thing that got it under control. So I was arrested for studying and growing herb. Now Rich Investors can break the same laws I did with no arrest and make millions. Its not fair or just for anyone with a felony for marijauna over regulation and limited producer and seller permits will crush any program from success.God Bless all of you it meens so much to I and people like me for the MORE ACT to pass we are good people that want to be productive citizens and giving the same oppertunities others are .

  5. Huh, a supposedly devout Muslim advocating for recreational drug use? Not sure how you square that circle but I guess after you've committed adultery and you weren't stoned to death or receive 100 lashes as the Qur’an prescribes (Quran, 24: 2), anything is on the table…..

  6. I agree with Ilhan. The US has 4% of the world’s population but 25% of its incarcerated people (thanks in large part to Joe Biden and Bill Clinton who co-wrote and signed the crime bill of 1994, respectively). The US has to find other ways to change behavior rather than throwing people in prisons all of the time. Treat drug addiction as a medical condition and not a matter of criminal justice….like how other countries deal with this issue.

  7. Hey guys guess what? It’s not just a black people brown people problem. White people also go to jail just as easily such as myself for medical marijuana ? it’s not a racial justice issue. It’s a corruption issues

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