RECORD SETTING 2×2 GROW How to grow weed in a 2×2

grassinclass #marshydro #nanolux315cmh LED -VS- CMH WHO MAKES HARDER NUGS ? ————DAY 30 OF FLOWER ————— Hi guys this season I will …


  1. Hey i was wondering bro im in flowerr now on my first grow and hahah damn u was just cracking me up ammmmmmmmazzzinnnnnng u said hahaha but i was wondering i see alot people run a led flashlight on phone while recording with lights off im just wondering if tht is okay i always been scared lol

  2. Hey bro did you only have a fan in here for air circulation? I didn't see an exhaust(where would it even go?) so I was just wondering, Might try a 2×2 for some photos later this year

  3. 315w and 450w ,a bit of diffrence do to the reflective walls.
    The CMH has a broader spectrum and UV below 380nm as well as IR above 800nm,on 850nm peak . The MARS hydro TS 3000 has 390nm to 730nm far red. Far red has very little action on SDF plants. SDF plants=Short Day Flowering plants. Far red + PAR do have a very good action on MDF&LDF plants ,mefium and long day flowering plants. Most action from the MH 3000 is the very bright white LEDs and the addition of a lot of 660nm diods. You can look up this SDF/MDF & LDF plants. Dr Bruce Bugbee also states this in his latest research on hemp/cannabis and lighting. The reason these units grow goid are cuz there are full coverage with high intensity diods ,the older units wasnt intense enough. Cannabis are the crop,one of the crops,who need intense light . Around 1000 PAR thats what cannabis l8vrs. And only with 3K,4K,5K and 6500 K white diodes would be enough and addition of the 660nm it is kick ass. Tho the 390nm near UV (purple) is a waste as its not UV,380-320nm =UVa ,320-280nm UVb and it is UVb that give that trichome production thats pretty wild. CMH has from 0.3-0.8% UV depending on the bulb you choose as well as the ballast has a lot yo say. A phillips AGRO 930 ,3100 K bulb can give 800-900 PAR in a good CMH unit with ballast attached or a ballast on its own thats very good. Seen the same bulb give less than 400 PAR in a unit with a not so good ballast or ballast attached to the hood as a unit like you use.
    Thats just to look up diffrent CMH reviews and especially MIGRO YouTube channel.
    CMH still has the broadest spectrum. It has 96 CRI (100 is the sun) so its 96% similiar to the sunlight.
    Even older LED units give rock hard nugs. But the CMH also give hard nugs with a better resin production after my experience. Havent tested these QBs yet myself but know ppl that use it so seen results.
    Wait until the end of the flower cycle,let them go a few days to a week more than normal…
    But ,its a very very nice grow man…???

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