1. I am afraid you need to do your research Dr Been. Astrazenica have explained the figure difference. The half dose participants also had a longer interval between dozes. Astrazenica have completed a small follow up trial with full doze, full doze at the longer interval and concluded this to be the reason for better efficacy. The longer interval i.e. 10>12 weeks between initial and second doze gives the higher protection.

  2. What is the difference between Pfizer vaccine and the Johnson & Johnson? I'm waiting for the j&j because of the single dose. I understand that it was tested on the South African and I'm concerned about the new variance, does it protect from getting the virus?

  3. Dear Dr, There has been published recent update on AstroZenica vac.
    The different efficacy rates turned out to be due to time interval between first and second shot, and delay period before efficacy measured. I belive I saw it WhiteBoard Doctor. But I also watch TrialSiteNews and MedCram. So please update your review. Hope that is helpful. I do love and appreciate you and this channel. Yours, Don

  4. Good news coming about Phase lll FDA trials in Early March 2021

    Relief Therapeutics: (RLFTF)

    Aviptadil, RLF100
    A natural peptide already in our bodies. VIP, (vasoactive intestinal peptide), stops the replication of the COVID-19 virus.

    No needle, no vaccine, administered by IV or Inhaler.

    FDA results for patients with worst case scenario:

    70-82% success rate for patients with severe COVID-19, with two additional diseases, in the hospital (ICU), on a respirator, with respiratory failure, with failure of all other COVID-19 treatments.

    (Imagine the benefits of this treatment on a patient with a normal case of COVID-19)

    FDA EUA (emergency use authorization) & FDA approval coming very soon.

    Compassionate use information:
    In America,
    Contact NeuroRX.Com

  5. Dr Been has made his thoughts clear regarding the AstraZeneca jab due to ‘lack of evidence’ however he often mentions vitamin D daily doses of 8,000 and over WITHOUT EVIDENCE? In general medical practitioners say that over 4,000 iu per day can be dangerous?

  6. Why would Dr. Gregory Michael's platelets get destroyed in two weeks after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine? (He didn't have preexisting ITP or did he?) Why would he suddenly develop auto-antibodies that would destroy his platelets?

  7. It was an awesome study because it informs us on the need to increase the Vit. D. dosages that we daily take. Most people look at the recommended dosages on their bottles and will therefore be taking much less than is needed for true Covid protection. At least this video points them in the right direction of taking MORE Vit. D than they currently think is needed.

    Dr. Been for President 2024!!! …Donald Trump…V.P. !!!

  8. In Mexico, the government is "inflating" the covid-19 death numbers (the run a PCR test severly ill people in the public hospitals and the results come from a centralized government controlled lab), the reason?, I don"t know but I would like to know if this is also happening in other countries.

  9. We have no idea if something may happen down the road with these experimental gene therapy (Moderna’s words, not mine) injections, and I think it is irresponsible to tell people it is okay, just because there are not a lot of immediate reactions. These companies themselves are saying it is experimental, and they won’t know the results until 2023. I do agree that they should own the deaths, and complications. I do enjoy your honesty, though, and your comedy. You make me laugh.

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