Questions about Abilify Withdrawal, Risks of Taking Abilify, and Abilify Tapering Help

Please Like and Subscribe In this short video featuring Lyle Murphy, Founder of the Alternative to Meds Center, questions are answered about Abilify Withdrawal …

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  1. Valuable data in here. It may be easy to take lightly Lyle's advice on a few dietary changes, however I saw the magic that stopping carbs can do. Carbs can just mess up the mental as well as the physical works! Also cutting out foods you are allergic to. After doing a trial of cutting it out pineapple and then seeing what happened when I tried it again after two weeks it immediately messed with my head. So diet and allergies can have mental symptoms . . . a fact that may not be obvious right up front. 🌾🍂🍁🍂🌾

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