Purple Black Berry Kush Indoor Marijuana Grow. Seed to Harvest + Results!

In this video I walk through step by step, a 10 plant indoor grow using the Purple Black Berry Kush seeds from Nuke Heads. Enjoy! Instagram …


  1. I agree with your germination method. Direct to soil germination with a heat mat gives me 100% germ rate every time as long as the soil stays moist. Seeds have been around longer than humans.

    Cant wait to try these nukehead genetics. I have Pineapple Chunk, Blueberry Headband and Nuclear Cherries in veg.

  2. Awesome job everything looking good if you're looking for a tent Butler I'll take the job lol stay safe say hello to your dog for me# dankster gangster# no boof peace

  3. There ain't a wide variation as over the years phenos have been breed out by breeding for certain phenos once a pheno is genotype has been bred out its gone unless its bred back in, apart from the colour difference they do look pretty similar , i bred back to the 1st sk#1 the variation is so wide every plant is essentially entirely different, worth doing if you breed

  4. Blackberry kush is a great strain , anything with Space Queen is fire , the growing method's are as diverse as the number of grower's , if it's working you are doing it right , I never criticize other grower's because there is no wrong way ! Since I started using these big LED bar light's I've been experimenting with nutrients , Pure blend pro , Maxibloom , GIA , Cyco and Veg+bloom , I have not noticed any big difference in any of them , Mars fc6500 5×5 with T5 LEDs horizontal on two walls ! One thing I'll say is start below manufacturer recommended amount , my Cyco tested at 1800 and flashing at the recommended rate ……..way hot !

  5. If you are scroging the plants are immobile, so an auto-watering system may be a worthwhile investment for you. I have watched some comparison videos and the automated plants outgrew the manually water plants. Great video, man; thanks for the content!

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