Prostate Cancer Cured with Cannabis Oil – Part 2 – Sprial Up with Ava Marie

Spiral Up With Ava Marie – Part 2 – Dennis Hill, Biochemist cures his cancer with cannabinoid oil. Rick Simpson and Christian Laurette have “given” you the …


  1. I've just been diagnosed with tonsil cancer stage III and i'm getting some Rick Simpson 'oil this afternoon ….I' m happy to see this video cause Mr Hill is from the scientific community and that' s gonna help me in my decision toward my children and wife to delay radio-therapy with chimio for 3 months while i'm trying this oil ….

  2. Great interview Ava you found some very good information to help us men who are having problem's.I just found out my PSA is eleavated and have to start the cancer testing this coming week and iam so scared.Thank you Dr Hill for providing this information i dont know how or where to get the oil to take but it must be someplace i can get it from.I dont want prostate cancer i have already gone through stage III B Lung cancer and it's a Monster.Roger

  3. Amazing how something so clearly works as a lifesaving agent. This guy is about as mainstream as you can get, but no the FDA/Big Pharma will not let it go. This is not new we have known this for decades and is a reason cannabis was made illegal in the first place. Peace, love and appreciation.

  4. @likeOMGitsUNLTD Many are high-tailing it to medical cannabis states to get the treatment without any further ado. I am a success story as are many others and I am grateful that my state leaders had the foresight to allow Oregonians to decide for ourselves which options for treating cancer that works for us!

  5. Cognitive dissonance is to blame, not Ava. I agree with everything you said, but she had the balls to do this. The myths will melt like an ice cream cone in hell and the truth will be known to all soon.

  6. I must say…For quite a while, people have been misled about the whole issue on cannabis. Throughout human history, we have always known that plants are the best, most effective, non-harmful way to treating any kind of disease. Even the Bible, me not a believer in religion myself, says that "herbs are for the healing of the nation". Seeing that governments are not at all interested in truly curing people, always charging them insane amounts of money, I think we should try other methods: herbs.

  7. @ Dennis Hill : Research shows that cannabis reduces testosterone and DHT . There are approved medications for this like Proscar etc . Was the cannabis acting along that pathway in your case i.e. as an androgen blockade ? Did you have before and after tetosterone tests ? They need to do research that isolates that pathway from the one you describe : ceremide

  8. Another consideration in this is in the fact that all endocanabinoids are eicosinoids e.g Omega 3.
    We need to know what difference exists between THC and CBD obtained from MJ oil and Omega 3's , if any . Is it just a case of concentration or are the MJ eicoanoids somehow unique ?

  9. @pompeygill The research literature supports the theory . We have to be careful though . Prostate Cancer cells are androgen dependent and we already know that standard androgen blockade has the effect that Mr Hill describes as does Omega 3 , another natural substance .

  10. This is a question to Mr. Hill . I respect your background and your sincerity and share your satisfation with your cure . Is this different from androgen blockade ( except that MJ is a natural substance ) ? Also , there is strong evidence in the literature that Omega 3's bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptor . Why not use fish oil ? Is it because THC and CBD are more potent agonists ?

  11. @ytMarkcg

    C'mon Ava Marie, people are begging for the link that's
    unreadable in the video. A quick search led me to his page.

    (you need to add an h t t p : / / before the web address,
    without the spaces, since YouTube won't play nice
    and let me post the full address)­ml

  12. I always had a strong internal feeling that by using Cannabis it Destroys Cancer Cells inside or outside the Body Regardless What Type of Caner you Have and What Stage that Your Body is in .

    I bet the Pharmaceuticals Companies would not really like the people to know this kind and type of information to the public .

    Cannabis would end up Costing them to loos Billions of Dollars !

    But I don't care" because All Pharmaceutical Drugs Have Side Affects and Their Addictive and Can Kill You Dead"!

  13. @lilnicky47 Considering the impact she is having and the content of this broadcast I think we can all cut her a break on this. She did a great thing that many are not willing to do at all. I praise her effort to the top!

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