1. "Smoking a marijuana cigarette…" That is a lot of marijuana. A dumb study if a study. "Drinking a fifth of vodka" and I'm dead. Smoke that unfiltered Marlboro the way you smoke that joint and see what happens to you. You won't know until you put it to the test, well put it to the test then. Where's all the vegan science on the other favorite plant tobacco? "Oh everyone already knows that's bad for you." Well it's on every shelf of every convenience store in every state and people don't care (it doesn't get you high, that's the difference.)

  2. Some of the dubious “clinical trials” are paid for by self serving special interests which explain the inconsistencies. I am certain marijuana is detrimental to health!

  3. Obviously any substance that messes with our psyche aka neurons should not be ingested, unless you consider intentional disabling of the self or suicide to be your life purpose! I despise all toxic drug substances! Thank you Dr. Gregor! More informative wisdom please! I no longer buy hardback books, but I bought a copy of your How Not To Die cookbook, cuz it is so well done!
    Keep up your great work!

  4. I'm a huge fan of your work thx for every thing… I do believe that I wouldn't be wfpb (vegan) if I didn't found your information on the web. I'm also a cannabis user and lately I've been cutting on the smoke… I believed that the smoke is bad no matter the plant we burn so I started eating activated cannabis flour. Basically is the flowers of cannabis cooked so the THC turns in to THCA and then ground. I've been having the high but I guessing non of the bad effects you get by smoking… I would love if you touch the topic of the cannabis edibles… Btw I don use oils or other solvents in my food preparation… I do believe it's the healthiest way to get high ?

  5. the smell of it makes me aggressive and angry,…but I actually hate all mind altering drugs….I was wondering if there is anyone else who has that getting angry effect on them…

  6. Rant time:
    All and all this is inconclusive, too many loose ends. Many of the effects you describe could be psychosomatic.
    Panic attacks and paranoia could cause heart attacks. Would a heart attack or stroke brought on by elevated heart rate during a panic attack be the result of the pot or the mental health of the subject?
    Or, for instance: How in the world could you tell if someone who died in a car accident was high on marijuana when they died? Which was used as a factor in one of the statistically derived preposterous assumptions that were presented. You could tell if they had used marijuana in the last three days to six months depending on frequency of use, or had been exposed to second hand smoke, but how could you tell if they were high when the accident took place?
    The only test I am aware of that can tell if a person has used pot within the last two hours is a newly developed breath test that itself still needs to be vetted and is not used anywhere.
    Getting a corpse to blow into one may present problems, both mechanically and chemically.
    The whole idea that pot use on any responsible level is detrimental to driving ability is more a result of cultural bias than reality. Is driving under the influence of coffee dangerous? What if you drink so much coffee that you are so nervous and distracted that can barely pay attention and are so jittery you feel like jumping out of your skin?
    Have they ever tested the people who died in car accidents for caffeine in their blood stream? No because it is absurd.
    How about sugar? What if you just ate a pound of fudge and the rebound from the sugar rush made you fall asleep at the wheel — these are the kind of examples for pot that are being presented. I have been smoking pot and driving since I was sixteen, in fact I have been smoking pot while driving since then too(I am now seventy) no accidents, not strokes, no heart attacks, although I am thin so maybe I have low bone mass, but I doubt it.
    Pot has been used by mankind longer than any other drug that we know of. It has been studied more than any other drug, and they are still grasping at straws trying to find the bugaboo, because it goes against the puritanical fantasy-land, with it's traditional delight in the punishment of "the other" by the ill-informed and ignorant.
    The correlation of the effects of alcohol on driving with pot use is nonexistent.
    Is it the pot that causes bone loss or the sitting around playing video games or watching TV or Youtube?
    Ideally pot would be used as a sacrament, and in fact in some traditional cultures and during the sixties this was often the case. It was widely known that by taking just one toke too many you could go from high to stoned, or depending on the strain from pleasantly lucid to fearful, thus the song One Toke Over the Line.
    Even if the dubious conclusions that are alluded to are true, the benefits of getting high on pot, especially if ingested by means that are not themselves unhealthy, like the sublingual sprays that are now available, far outweigh the minute and unsubstantiated risks that are suggested here.
    Statistically, if the risk of heart attack is increased by two hundred percent within an hour of smoking pot what is the risk of having a heart attack in a particular hour? Pick an hour find out the risk then multiply it by two hundred and it would still be minute.

    Here's another example of the stupidity endemic to an outlook preconditioned by disinformation and prejudice. In some states you can either get a concealed carry permit for firearms or a medical pot card, but not both, because as we all know, people high on pot are much more likely to be violent than people drunk on alcohol (irony alert for the ironically impaired) that is why in some states you can be a confirmed drunk and still get a CCP, even take a concealed firearm with you into a bar, but if you want to use pot legally, you cannot get one, even if you meet every standard imposed. Is this because the legislators are just ignorant? — yes.
    That, and now that the same people who were putting people in prison for pot use are now making money selling it to you through the various state systems that regulate growing and selling: things have adapted to the greed of the power elite.
    That was the tipping point: when the power elite realized they could make more money by growing, selling, and taxing pot than by prosecuting users.
    Where I live, growing pot for oneself is illegal, only a regulated number of companies are allowed to grow with a huge permit fee, one of them and perhaps more, are owned by the in-laws of a judge who routinely put people away for use and possession, and if you compete with their monopoly by growing you own and are found out, they would happily imprison you for years.
    This is insane. Make up a problem then make up a cure for the problem that is exponentially more harmful than the pseudo-problem you contrived. That is the state of affairs we live in, or the affairs of the state — if you like.
    Anything you can grow in your garden should be legal for personal use or the use by someone whom you provide care for: Opium, pot, psilocibin, peyote, even truly harmful drugs like cocaine, tobacco, alcohol refined sugar and cheese — all of them. If it is illegal for a care provider to forbid an elder with emphysema from smoking tobacco (and it is) it should be illegal for anyone to forbid you from ingesting beneficial plants like peyote or mushrooms.
    The puritanical reactionaries created the first criminal millionaires during prohibition, and the present day government scam artists have produced the first criminal billionaires with the present prohibitions of drugs. And like the insane composite organism we are as a society, we keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.
    And there is no excuse for it because we know how to solve these problems. If you want to solve the opioid problem, you give junkies as much heroin or other opioid as they want for free in a clinical setting and present them with free voluntary treatment in a caring environment. What happens? Initially they increase their dose, but only for a week or so, then they reduce it back to their original maintenance level. They go back to work because they no longer have to come up with hundreds of dollars a day to pay for their habit, many more of them eventually abstain instead of dying from street drugs, or being narcanned by scam artist ambulance services every other day, and the criminal organizations, and the bankers who clean their money, move on to something that is still profitable, like lying to senior citizens about the socialist takeover of America and soliciting their critically needed contributions.
    And we find out that minus the criminal element and the hygienic dysfunction of street drugs and their use, that opioids are one of the most benign drugs, can and have been used by people for most of their lifetimes with few ill effects, other than the same kind of ill effects that are caused by watching TV for hours on end — that is, inactivity. Like with the SAD the biggest problem becomes constipation, which is easily prevented by diet or OTC preps when needed.
    Gone are the ODs, the disease, and the crime. We know this because Switzerland has done it, and it works. People have always used drugs and always will, even animals delight in using drugs. It is good to be able to step outside of your habitual identity from time to time and get some perspective. And this does not even address the truly beneficial "drugs" like the psychedelics, which may be the only means by which enough people have a transcendental experience to save humanity from itself and the repercussion of it's most dangerous products: government, the concentration of vast wealth into fewer and fewer hands, social media used by mentally defective conspiracy addicts, and religion based on preposterous metaphors that people take literally.
    This is an endless rant, no beginning, no end and for most of you, nothing in-between, but for now a least its mootness falls mute.

  7. Unfortunately, very few people smoke it without tobacco. We need studies that compare the 2. It's not so much that us cannabis users doubt the research so much. It's just that so many factors come into play that it's hard to extrapolate much from anything stated without full licence being given to researchers to do the proper research.
    For instance as stated with the heart issues, what other illegal or pharmaceutical drugs were they on that were interacting possibly in a detrimental manner. That would be well worth researching. And what were their diets in general. Did they consume tobacco at the same time. How was the cannabis grown? That's a really important aspect at the end there on its own. Research should be carried out into the effects of chemical fertilisers over organically grown and also the effects of different strains of the plant itself. Is there more of an effect on the heart with certain types of maybe the stronger hydroponically grown variations or ones with higher ratios of thc.
    There are over 30,000 research papers on the medicinal effects of cannabis thus far and we are only just beginning to scratch the surface on its incredible benefits. As with all substance that are morish it can be easy to get dependant most definitely, but I believe that over the years it's calmed my stress levels down on so many occasions whereby I could have blown a gasket and keeled over to be fair. I know for myself in long periods of abstination I have put on weight, suffered much worse from joint issues from childhood and also found myself turning to alcohol more with its associated issues which is not appropriate due to childhood liver damage.
    For me personally it's had a more positive role in my life but I also consume it in cbd so those cannabinoids get to do their wonderful work internally. Each to their own, but on pure I find my lungs have no problem walking the Welsh hills and once you get going with exercise you get motoring. It's just that initial question your mind asks is can I be bothered to do this. Sometimes when stoned your mind can say, actually no, I can't be arsed lol. Xxx

  8. What’s crazy is I had no idea that cannabis puts more strain on your heart. I learned this after looking up the interaction between weed and adhd medications. I ate an edible coming off of vyvanse and I felt very weird lol

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