PM: M'sia will not change control status of cannabis, cannabis resin

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Thursday said Malaysia would not change its control status of cannabis and cannabis resin, as the substances are …


  1. If Him or his family caught a disease that can only be cured by Medical Marijuana then he'll change the law to suit themselves. Such backward thinking. Why am I not surprise we are not advancing as a country. ?

  2. There will be more dangerous synthetic drugs on market like k2 spice, methamaphime, fentanyl, ectasy etc. which ruined our life compared to this organic, gee no wonder people crazy nowadays & suicide increase in this country. Reality is people affraid of drug but almost everyday people take it.

  3. GREAT NEWS FOR THAILAND! They are set to dominate the highly lucrative medical cannabis market in the region which will generate billions. Meanwhile Malaysia, sticking to outmoded policies will just sit back and flounder while our economy goes further down the sh***hole

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