Planting A Monster Crop Clone And 2 Week Old Autos. #ILGM #SP3000 #RocketSeeds

I Took a clone at the end of week 1 of flower. She’s gonna be a bushy girl. Time to put them all in their final pots. This Video Is For Adults 18+ ONLY. I Am A Legal …


  1. Hey Bill do you gradually up the maxi bloom or just up it when you flip to flower .and do you ever take a ppm reading.and as always this is why you're the master can't wait to see how the clone grow goes.nice addition

  2. Hey Bill got a question, I got a bean off of a JackHerer auto, was the only one, so we popped it, yay it’s a girl, only thing is? Will it be a Jack or ?

  3. Thanks for your videos Bill, best on the net. A couple of questions….do you feed the seedlings in the solo cups everyday? How much water do you use on the first watering/feeding after transplant to the 5 gal pots?

  4. looking good bill hope all is well my g14 autoflower is alot better after it's flush just going in to 8weeks of flower thanks agine for you help stay safe and remember think green

  5. Hey Bill!! Glad to see you cloned the cafe racer.. I did the same thing and took a clone in week 1 flower. The branches seem to be thinner and not as strong. Which means less bud usually. I did it with bubbas gift from humboldt. The bud still turned out great though just not as good as when you take em in veg. Anywayy…cant wait to see what happens with her. Be nice to see that clone side by side training techniques comparison. It would be a lot more accurate. Thanks Bill!! Keep em comin

  6. semi-pro tip. I dont have a clone dome (we have a 5 plant limit here anyway) so I just put the clone in a solo cup and use a ziploc bag as a the dome. Sprits some water on the inside and inflate the bag as you shut it(whole solo cup and all sealed inside)……..instant poor man's disposable clone dome.

  7. Thanks for sharing professor bill danksman love the new intro can’t wait to see these when they are finished you have a lot of knowledge about the plants 🪴 and what to do for large yields and the best quality buds so thank for your knowledge and taking me to school

  8. I use nematodes for fungus gnats. If you don't want to dry out your pots too much. You water them in twice, about 2 weeks apart. They are beneficial insects if you aren't familiar. 🙂 Hope the Diotomaceous earth works for you!

  9. I've also done several different wicking buckets does not work for cannabis or I should say work well Auto parts is a gimmick and you wasted 6 months of growth space for $200 that the auto pots cost actually I think they're ripping people off more than that for something that barely works for cannabis everybody's got a gimmick

  10. I cant see why all of you are following a new bee grower . 2 weeks? Ha!, Why bother starting it in a solo cup ? A autoflower dose better in the final pot itself, That's a proven method.. being that's not 2 weeks from seed anyway.. You dont have to make up a story. And you have 2 solo cups for cloning.. so we can tell your really new at this . Stop butchering the cannabis! yikes.. Go to" Weed in a pot" or " Mr Canucks Grow" if you want Good advice friends … This is Ludicrous..

  11. Master Bill , great monster crop starting , gonna be fun to see these, Clone looks to be very bushy , i never tried that .. cold here too in texas ! See ya , pat☮️👍🏼 , also like your name in a leaf !

  12. Looking great in the tent. I was gifted 2 lemon drop peppers this weekend. Similir heat to a sorento but yellow with a citrus kick. Will be starting beets potatoes and carrots soon. Stay healthy and keep growing

  13. Right on Bill! Live the monster cropped clone! Back when we ran ebb-n-flow hydro also all GH Maxi . We took 100 cuttings at 2 weeks of flower so that when we harvested we always had new monsters ready to flower immediately. Much respect and enjoying your content. Thank you sir🌱✌😁🌱

  14. Hey Bill, what size tent is that.
    Back to basics ?. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right LOL.. It never hurts to experiment though. You learn more from your failures than you ever will from your successes..
    Cheers !

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