Following the screening of the documentary, “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” at the 2010 Sausalito Film Festival, four distinguished panelists take the stage to …


  1. "We combined CBD and THC in culture dishes of aggressive Brain Cancer cells. We found a Synergistic improvement in the ability to THC not only to inhibit the growth but cause programmed cell death. We found specific Molecular Mechanisms that might explain why combining the 2 compounds makes a more efficient treatment. The data suggests the compounds to be active you must use a high concentration (Rick Simpson's Cancer Cure Hemp Oil) you WON'T be able to do that by smoking it"
    Dr. McAllister 1:20

  2. there is more proof to adhere wealth within big-pharma and interest to pursue such agenda than there is enough people who are "in the know" and it is up to the PEOPLE to make this known. Until the people of the world stand up, get themselves ELECTED TO OFFICE and repeal these laws that govern(restrict) holistic medicines… it's all chatter. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE! wake up!

  3. i am glad you had this panel and venue, Len. i hope that one day, before too long, people like us and the sober professionals who support us, will be respected and listened to; but by then it may be too late…. it's really too bad that other holistically petty concerns win out over survival and sense, going to show how un-evolved we really are in spite of our being "civilized." if we as a whole don't change, we really WILL be our own undoing!!!! wake up and smell the cannabis, people!;^)

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